Eximus IV is the world's most energy efficient electric vehicle

In Sweden, the next annual competition for the most energy-efficient cars by Delsbo Electric was held, in which the Eximus team, as usual, won. The victory is well deserved, because the engineers contrived to update the world record. They do this every year, but this time they almost failed with a missing 8mm gap.

The conditions for the Delsbo Electric competition are simple - an experimental vehicle must travel 3, 36 km on rails, and carry a load equivalent to the mass of six people. The speed of movement does not matter, the main parameter is energy consumption, which should be as low as possible. By default, all applicants drive electric motors, and the required parameter is calculated as watt-hours per person on board.

The Eximus team began competing in 2016, immediately setting an impressive record of 0.84 Wh per person. This is approximately equal to the energy consumption of one ordinary headlight in a typical car, only here, due to such an insignificant amount of electricity, the car travels and carries the load for more than 3 km! In 2019, the new Eximus managed to reach the level of 0, 603 Wh per person, and the current record is already 0.517 Wh per person.

The track for Delsbo Electric is equipped with sensors that collect data twice a second. This allowed us to identify a flaw of 8 mm on one of the Eximus IV wheels, due to which the traction with the rails was broken, and there was an overconsumption of fuel on the first run. The wheel was promptly polished and the electric car set another well-deserved record.