DroneBullet kamikaze drones successfully fight other drones

The military budgets of many leading countries now include expenditures on countermeasures to unmanned aerial vehicles. There are a lot of options on how to neutralize a really dangerous flying threat. But technology does not stand still, and Canadian startup AerialX offers another method. This is a reusable anti-aircraft DroneBullet.

At its core, the DroneBullet is the same drone, but designed not for long flights in economy mode, but for the fastest acceleration and contact with the target. Its main weapon is a durable shock head, the destruction of objects occurs with the help of a direct strike. The drone takes aim, accelerates and rams flying enemies.

The advantage of the DroneBullet is that it has its own propeller motor system that not only lifts into the air, but also gently returns to the ground. The tactics of using this tool are built so that the "hunter" himself does not receive damage, and therefore it can be used over and over again. The main thing is to recharge the batteries in time and choose the right areas for placing the protective complex.

The disadvantages of the DroneBullet are closely intertwined with its advantages. Yes, it allows you to shoot down an enemy drone without destroying it so that you can study it. But the area of ​​impact of the DroneBullet is very limited, it cannot patrol the area and make numerous attacks in flight. On the other hand, there is nothing to oppose a high-speed ram to other drones, and the "machine vision" complex allows you to control target maneuvers and is guaranteed to catch up with most commercial UAV models. There is no talk of countering military models.