Russian shipbuilders resume production of "Comets" on hydrofoils

The idea to put the ship on the wing belongs to the outstanding Soviet designer Rostislav Alekseev, who then embodied it in his famous "Rockets", "Comets", "Meteora", "Voskhod" and "Kolkhids" - the world's first hydrofoils, for many decades plowed the river and sea expanses of the immense USSR and dozens of foreign states.

As it turned out, the need for such vessels still exists today. The leadership of the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation has decided to resume the production of hydrofoils.

The designers did not reinvent the "wheel", taking as a basis the projects of the aforementioned legendary Soviet predecessors.

The updated project received a beautiful and sonorous name "Seagull", and the ship itself - "Comet 120M". It is designed for 120 passengers, while 22 seats will be located in the business class cabin. The length of the "Kometa-120M" will be 35 meters, and the speed will be about 65 km / h.

The production of Komet-120M will be taken over by the Rybinsk shipyard Vympel. The ships will run along the Black Sea coast. It is possible that some of the products will be purchased by Greece.