Komatsu unveils robotic mining dump truck

A unique truck is located at the stand of the Japanese company Komatsu at the current Minexpo International exhibition. For the first time since the start of testing autonomous vehicles of this class in 2008, a dump truck has turned into a full-fledged robot. The driver's cab and rear-view mirrors have disappeared, each wheel has received autonomous control, and the weight of the transported cargo is distributed throughout the structure.

Unlike Komatsu's latest 930E series dump trucks in Chilean quarries, the newcomer is no longer a truck. It is an "Innovative Transport Machine" that does not need to turn around, it moves back and forth with the same speed and grace, avoids excessive fuel consumption and tire wear. And carries up to 230 metric tons of cargo at speeds up to 64 km / h.

The dimensions of the robotic dump truck are 15 × 8.5 m, it is equipped with a 2700 hp engine. Its control system is based on pit navigation beacons in conjunction with its own obstacle sensors. The increased maneuverability minimizes the requirements for the quality and width of the entrances, and the intelligent control mechanism reduces the risk of accidents.

The novelty is planned to be brought to the market as soon as possible.