A high-speed military hydrofoil boat was created in the USA

Specialists of the American company Juliet Marine Systems, founded by entrepreneur Greg Sankoff, have developed a high-speed military boat Ghost ("Spirit"). The vessel moves, leaning on two wing-shaped struts with a height of 3, 6 meters with floats in the underwater part. Outwardly, it is somewhat reminiscent of the imperial shuttle of the hero of "Star Wars" Darth Vader.

Ghost speed - over 60 km / h is achieved by two 2000 hp gas turbine engines. from. each located at the back of the floats. Kateru is not afraid of waves with a height of about 2.5 meters.

Depending on the depth of the reservoir, the angle of the props can be adjusted. So in shallow water or at a stop, they are brought to a horizontal position. The hull of the vessel is made using the Stealth technology. It will be able to carry torpedo, missile or artillery weapons.

The high speed of the vessel became possible due to the use of the cavitation effect. Its essence lies in the formation, under certain conditions, of an air bubble around an object moving through a liquid, as a result of which friction is significantly reduced. With regard to the Ghost, we are talking about the propeller.

In the future, the developers of Ghost hope to increase its speed to 97 km / h. The cost of the vessel is about $ 10 million.