How to catch a laser beam with your bare hands

Famous youtuber Tom Scott has posted a new video in which he plays with laser beams with his bare hands. The highlight is that the laser radiation is real, and the author of the video is not protected by anything except glasses for the eyes. He actually stops or "catches" the beam with his hand, from which he himself is delighted.

What Scott does in the video can be repeated by anyone with a simple laser system and a small maintenance staff. The beam is bright, but carries a minimal amount of energy, and therefore is not dangerous to humans. Although, how to say - to Scott's humorous question whether the laser will burn him, the operator of the installation Seb Lee-DeLisle with a serious face replies "It is possible." This is not a toy, although such systems are used just for entertainment purposes.

The main difficulty is to show the laser beam itself, which actually moves at the speed of light. For this, optical effects and the "sliding shutter" technique are used, which was previously implemented mechanically on a physical lens, and in digital cameras it is easily created using software. As a result, you can show the beam in parts, demonstrate its movement and perform other spectacular tricks.