A giant octopus drowned a ship - and now everyone can see them

Marine engineer and photographer from the Virgin Islands, Owen Buggy, has created a new man-made coral reef that will be a tourist attraction for divers. It was based on an old legend about a sea monster and a real artifact: the ship "Kodiak Queen". The last survivor of the historic bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.

At the time of the attack of the Japanese aces on the American fleet, the ship had the designation USS YO-44 and was one of the newest, it was launched in the same year. In 2016, Buggy bought it at a scrap metal fair to flood it with real good. To do this, he enlisted the support of the Unite BVI Foundation, funded by billionaire Richard Branson, and assembled a team of designers and engineers.

The hull of the ship will be overgrown with shells, which side do not put it on the seabed, but there is nothing interesting about it. Therefore, even on land, on its stern, a structure was erected in the form of a monstrous, more than 20 m long, octopus. The sea monster attacked the ship and dragged it into the abyss, but he himself fell in an unequal battle - when in a dozen years the frame is overgrown with corals, the details will not be distinguished and the art object will be formed completely.

The entire exposition was built and lowered under water in April 2017, and with the onset of autumn, experts noted the presence of signs of the emergence of a new ecosystem. The artificial reef, still in its original form, is open to any divers. This is a chance to look at it for the most impressionable - then, according to the idea, the colossal octopus in the dark depths will look much worse.