Quadrofoil - silent electric hydrofoil catamaran

Slovenian naval engineers designed the original hydrofoil catamaran - Quadrofoil. Among its many “brothers”, it stands out for its C-shaped hydrofoils, which significantly increase lift and reduce water resistance and noise to a minimum.

Quadrofoil has every reason to receive the highest praise from environmentalists for the electric motor installed on it, which gives it the right to swim at speeds up to 40 km / h in the cleanest water bodies of the planet. The power of a 10 kW battery is enough for him for a hundred-kilometer swim.

The catamaran is easy to operate. The touchscreen below the rudder shows the battery charge level, range and boat speed. At the same time, the removable steering wheel is the ignition key, and without it, all attempts to start the electric motor will be unsuccessful.

The Quadrofoil is perfectly balanced and, due to its low center of gravity during movement, is reliably protected from overturning. For the manufacture of the catamaran hull, lightweight, durable composite materials were used. The cost of the novelty is 22, 5 thousand euros.