Measuring instrument classes

Without measurements, no technical process can be carried out, from the usual wallpapering in the house, ending with construction from scratch. All further actions depend on the accuracy of the measurement work. Therefore, it is very important to purchase only a high-quality measuring instrument with high accuracy of readings.

You can buy any kind of measuring instruments and geo devices, from laser leveling devices to scanning systems, in the GEOCONTINENT online store. Also in the store, there are online consultants who will gladly answer all your questions and help with the choice of goods.

The selection should be guided by many factors, including:

- what needs to be measured;

- for what work it is necessary to make measurements;

- under what conditions the tool will be used.

Moisture meter

Allows you to measure moisture. Used when working with wood or concrete. Allows to prevent material dampness, due to which deformation or decay process may subsequently begin. In case of excessive moisture, pre-drying is used.


Can measure temperature without any tactile contact with the object itself. It is used to search for heat losses, check climate control systems, and in laboratory work. Here, infrared radiation is used for measurement, thanks to which the temperature can be determined with an accuracy of fractions of a degree.


Measures the strength of concrete. Found the most frequent application in construction. Allows you to find any defects at an early stage of work.

Digital Roulette

Replaced the conventional measuring tape. The same tape is used for the measurement, but the measurements are shown on the display. Can be equipped with a visible beam for clarity.

Laser distance meter

A versatile tool that allows you to measure almost any distance in a couple of seconds. It is also used to automatically calculate the area of ​​the territory or the volume of the room.

Laser level

It is used for drawing up the markings on the plane.

Metal detector

Allows you to find hidden wiring, reinforcement in concrete. More expensive models can also find wood.


Used to measure horizontal angles. It can work both indoors and outdoors. In the latter case, it is used to carry out the marking in conjunction with the level.


Same as the goniometer, but measures the vertical inclination to avoid, for example, the mortar running off to one side.