What is Pin-Up?

Pin-Up is an art style that features attractive, seductive and sometimes half-naked women, with typical makeup, hair and clothing. The style names originated from the English expression Pin-Up Girls. A feature of this style in art is the emphasis on the hypertrophied sexuality of the fair sex. The style got its start in the United States at the end of the 19th century, and gained popularity during the Second World War, among the young military of the United States of America.

Pin-up features:

Color gamut

- at the first glance at the image in this style, there are pronounced yellow and red colors in large quantities. On the clothes of the girls depicted, characteristic patterns: berries and fruits, large polka dots and wide stripes.


- wide belts are a characteristic part of the clothes. on skirts and trousers with a high waist. Tight and peeling outfits, dresses and blouses with open shoulders and a deep neckline, tops, shorts. Also on more explicit images there are stockings with garters and underwear.


- platform or wedge shoes, stiletto heels and patent leather shoes.


Sunglasses are often present on the images, and scarves, bows and fresh flowers are on the head.

Makeup and Hair

- Representatives of Pin-up culture often have medium length hair, with expressive curls and waves. In makeup, arrows and lipstick of bright colors, elongated eyelashes are often used.

Now the Pin-Up style is used not only in World War II films, but also in everyday life. Some elements of this style can be seen in the girls passing through the streets. Sexy tops and dresses paired with denim jackets came into vogue. Pin-up is often combined with military style.

This style is often used by show business stars. Pin-up clips were released by Christina Aguilera and Beyoncé.

This style is also quite popular in the development of computer games and slot machines.

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