10 ways to grow smarter and increase IQ (Interesting)

10 ways to grow smarter and increase IQ - this is the name of a small article in which the basic tips and methods of acquiring knowledge are collected, as well as ways to increase their own IQ (for those who do not know this is a coefficient that reflects the speed of thinking, and not how many people think that this is a volume of knowledge).

When doing routine work, most of us lack quality mental performance. As the brain performs the same tasks all the time, doing one thing, the feeling of the fullness of life is lost. How to prevent diseases of the mind, start self-development or learn something new?

Refer to art

Without an understanding of art, an educated person simply cannot imagine himself. But often we don't have time for that. Art is not only contemplation, because it is possible to develop your mind and perception. Try to understand, for example, visual arts - visit exhibitions, listen to music, watch films. This will allow you not only to understand social and internal processes, but also to feel the fullness of life.

Learn foreign languages ​​

Learning a foreign language makes us feel like children. After all, this is a complex process that children calmly carry out step by step, while developing. Not only can you train your brain, but you can also follow practical goals. It should be noted that learning languages ​​will allow you to avoid memory impairment in old age.

Get enough sleep

This advice is obvious. The connection between brain activity and good sleep is always clear. Especially if you have practiced the study of new information without getting enough sleep before that, then the connection between sleep and mental activity, you definitely understand. Sleep deprivation is fatal to the brain. A good sleep will help you feel a surge of mental strength.

Create a list of books to read

It is logical to turn to books for the reasonable, eternal and kind. After all, when we need to know something, we turn for answers to questions, first of all, to books. Reading is best subordinated to a specific plan, rather than reading in isolation. Organize books by genre or study area, and start reading. Read books using the correct "active reading" method, absorbing them for maximum benefit.

Make new acquaintances

That is, use social media. Understanding the diversity of social connections, matching faces and names is a complex mental activity. Making acquaintances, including on social networks, you develop new connections, learn something new. There are even special books about building a network of working contacts, "networking".

Eat only healthy foods

Many foods can help prevent memory impairment and stimulate brain activity. You need to eat more fruits, vegetables, herbs and grains. Seafood has a distinct place in the impact on brain function. If you are engaged in intellectual activity, then drink plenty of fluids - mineral water, green tea. Coffee and chocolate in reasonable doses are also very beneficial for the brain.

Play video games

Interesting advice, isn't it? But, scientific studies have shown that children who play video games score higher than their peers. Although nowadays it is difficult to imagine a child who would not play games. And there are enough of them among adults. While playing quests, we solve complex puzzles, choose a plot line, make important decisions ... Is it worth mentioning that this is a very useful mental activity?

Solve puzzles

Puzzles are the nicest thing to do, despite their seeming simplicity. They rejuvenate the brain, help reduce travel time, and prevent memory impairment.

Watch lectures on social networks

The Internet is still a powerful source of information of all kinds, despite the abundance of social networks. The most obvious path for personal development and growth is through lectures. Many universities also post their educational materials online.

Watch smart TV

If you are still reading this text, then you are convinced that television has slipped into hell for a long time. This is true in a sense. But no one canceled good educational channels, for example Culture or Discovery. Discovery makes very smart and high-quality programs that are often impossible to watch legally on the net.