The personality type is an extroverted introvert: is it you?

People are usually divided into personality types, based on whether they are introverts or extroverts. But in many of us, the characteristics inherent in both of them perfectly coexist.

Imagine a person who is clearly seen by others as an undeniable extrovert who always attracts attention with his broad personality traits.

How surprised they would be to learn that such a person desperately needs a personal space where he would gladly spend a lot of time, say, reading books!

Does this mean that such a person has a split personality, or something is wrong with his psyche? Not at all. This only means that the polarization into extroverts and introverts is very conditional.

Perhaps you yourself belong to a similar category of people - open, sociable, but hungry for personal space? Then you are an extroverted introvert.

Here are 19 signs of this personality type that might help you stop worrying about your mood swings.

Personality type

1. If you remain silent, this does not mean that you do not want to talk.

In fact, you may have tons of thoughts that you would love to share with others. But what prevents you from doing this regularly? More often than not, another thought that you have hammered into your head.

You just think that your thoughts are unlikely to interest anyone. And therefore, you are more likely to listen to someone, especially if you know that your interlocutor needs to be heard.

2. The fact that you enjoy being in the company of people does not mean that you want to talk to them.

Generally speaking, talking to talk is not so easy and requires a lot of effort from an extroverted introvert! And you don’t need it: for you sometimes just being in the company of others is already a certain kind of happiness. And even if it sounds a little strange - but it is a fact!

3. You like communication one-on-one rather than in a group of people. But even there you are a listener, not a storyteller.

Face-to-face communication is more intimate than group communication. And you like this form of communication. Moreover, during a one-on-one conversation, you have the opportunity to get to know your interlocutor better.

In addition, in this format of communication, you have more opportunities to conduct a dialogue about what YOU are interested in, what YOU cares about. Communicating in a group of people who are talking about everything and about nothing, you get a lot of unnecessary and unnecessary information to you.

4. You sometimes "forget" on messages and calls, because you do not want to communicate. With no one!

This is not at all because you hate people, are in a bad mood, or, God forbid, are depressed. It's just that sometimes you are so often surrounded by other people that you get tired of empty conversations or even correspondence on social networks and instant messengers.

You suddenly lose all desire to communicate - nothing more! You are quite capable of going for a walk with friends, however, being in such a mood, you would not want them to provoke you to some activity or conversation.

5. You do not mind being introduced to new people, but you want to be warned about this in advance

You are not at all against making new acquaintances with people and expanding your circle of friends. On the other hand, such acquaintances are a kind of challenge for you. Such a pastime tires you quite a lot.

Thus, you literally have to prepare yourself mentally for new people to communicate with them, or, if you want, socialize in advance. In other words, you need to create the right mood in yourself in which you will not mind talking a little.

6. Despite the fact that you need privacy, you sometimes feel so lonely ...

There is no contradiction here. And, if this sign is definitely yours, this does not mean that something is wrong with your brains. You just need a certain balance between giving yourself the opportunity to be alone, but not to feel lonely!

Sometimes you just need to step outside your home or apartment to stop feeling lonely. However, it is so nice, calm and cozy there that you would rather rather stay inside - even if you feel lonely!

7. It's hard to get you out of the house, but you have a great time when you get out.

Sometimes you really force yourself to get out of the house somewhere. Again, this is not because you don’t want to go out. It's just that you immediately have a thought: "What if I get bored?" Or such a thought (if you are invited to the theater): "What if there will be no tickets?"

Sometimes you hesitate to leave because you think that you are called out of courtesy. In general, you start digging in your head, looking for a lot of reasons not to go. Which, in fact, then they themselves use as an excuse for your unwillingness to go out to people.

8. Sometimes you are happy to chat with anyone, but as soon as you get bored, you demand silence

It's quite normal. You have already spent so much energy on conversations that are unusual for you, that now you definitely need to spend some time in silence, in silence. If you want, you just need to reload for the next dash like this!

9. You are not the most talkative person in the company. But if someone even less talkative needs socializing, you can be counted on.

Well, you really agree to have a heart-to-heart chat if the need arises for someone from your environment. Someone who is even harder than you to socialize in a team.

In other words, if you see that someone of your acquaintances who find it extremely difficult to force themselves to communicate with people (a clear introvert) needs friendly advice or words of support, you will happily try to help such a person with a conversation or a kind word.

10. You are always immersed in your thoughts, even if from the outside it seems that it is not so

If you give an example, then, say, at a party, it seems to others that you are untied to the fullest, forgetting about everything in the world. In fact, your thoughts continue to go their own way, and you are actively analyzing the situation around or solving some pressing issue.

11. Your sociability against the background of your analytical skills makes you a potential leader

People like you know how to have fun without losing their heads, while not losing sight of the need to solve current problems and issues. That is why they often find themselves in leadership positions, or are engaged in serious analytical activities.

At the same time, the extroverted introvert does not need to be praised for his abilities at all; he is not even interested in talking about his coolness and talents. And this is another reason for the environment to see you as a real leader.

If the need arises to deliver a speech in front of a large crowd, you will come forward and do so. You are capable of making decisions if the situation demands it from you. But you always soberly analyze yourself, usually not having the highest opinion about your talents.

Sometimes you yourself are not ready to believe that you have enough set of qualities that are necessary for a good leader. More often than not, having done something, you begin to think that you could do it even better, and therefore, third-party praise is perceived by you as flattery.

12. You want your hard work to be recognized. But you often feel like you're not worth it

Yes, you don't need praise or recognition. But, if you work hard and conscientiously, you need that your work was appreciated. But at the same moment the thought comes to your mind: "Am I worth at least a minute of other people's attention?"

It looks like an insoluble contradiction. If such feelings are struggling in you, then you begin to work even more intensively, with even more complete dedication. And this is another reason to consider you as the most suitable person for a leadership position.

13. People think you like to flirt. But far from it

You are well aware that communication with other people is a necessary part of life. You deliberately force yourself to communicate, and therefore you sincerely want to convince the interlocutor of your genuine interest in him.

14. You are angry with yourself because you want to stay at home, because you don't want to let your friends down.

And this is another reason why you sometimes force yourself to get out of the house, even if you really don't want to. You want to show your friends that you got out because of them, and not because you enjoy spending time away from home.

15. You love cafes and companies. But you are always a little closed and reserved.

You really enjoy being around people (even among strangers), so you can often be seen in cafes, restaurants, parties. Looks strange, given the fact that you are rarely inclined to talk to them.

A person who is not familiar with your personality type may wonder - why would you go there at all? But for you, the answer to this question is obvious: you realize the importance of communicating with other people, so spend time with them, demonstrating your attention to them at least by your presence and ability to listen.

16. You are in a constant state of struggle to control your introversion.

How does it usually happen? It's very simple: you suddenly suddenly catch yourself thinking that you have closed yourself off from the world around you; that you are completely immersed in your thoughts and may not be of interest to others. And at the same time, there may be a crowd of people around you!

And then you say to yourself once again: “Oh no, this is happening again! I definitely need to talk to someone ”! And as much as you want to be alone, you force yourself to engage in communication. At least in order not to dig into yourself again at midnight!

17. You hate empty talk.

If you have an opportunity to avoid empty, meaningless conversation, you will definitely do it. At the same time, you sincerely would like to know more about your interlocutor, about his opinion on the question that interests you.

You will also be interested to hear about his plans, about his family life, work. But you don't care about talking about good or bad weather. However, if the topic of the weather is something that you are sincerely interested in at the moment, you will be happy to discuss the weather too!

18. You don't have a wide circle of friends.

Despite a wide circle of friends, you make friends much more selectively. You usually have one or two close friends. If there are two, then they can be from different companies and even from different social groups. But on the other hand, they are real friends for life, for which you are ready for anything in general.

19. Your attention to another person is always sincere. And that's why it's flattering to other people

This is indeed the case. You will not waste your time with someone you have no interest in - no matter how much he wants to. And if you have met someone several times, then this person can definitely be sure that they are interesting to you.

Plus, sometimes you really have to push yourself too hard to talk to other people. This constant struggle is so exhausting that you have to spend a lot of energy in order to emerge victorious from it.

And it is you who are the extroverted introvert: a person who is alien to flattery, does not need empty talk, boasting is disgusting. And that's why the people you give your attention to throughout your life should feel flattered. Although you don't care about this anyway!