Michelle Nostradamus Biography and history of predictions !!!

More and more often, humanity asks the question, is it possible to avoid its fate if everything is planned down to the smallest detail and is not subject to change, and should not, in this case, agree with peoples who believe in fatalism, determinism and predestination? Well, from this point of view, the prophecies of Nostradamus are designed to shake our worldview and instill hope for survival in our hearts. However, in order to maintain this hope, it is not enough for a person to have reason alone. In each of the centuries, the Creator awakens the prophets called to serve humanity as stalkers on his earthly paths. Michel Nostradamus belonged to this kind of stalkers.

Michel Nostradamus biography

Michel Nostradamus was born at about noon on Thursday, December 14, 1503 on Nicasias Day, in the fifth year of the reign of the French king Louis XII in Saint-Remy (Provence) in the family of notary Jacques Nostradamus and René de Saint-Remy. His maternal ancestors were distinguished by outstanding abilities in the field of mathematics and medicine. One of them, Jean de Saint-Remy, was the physician-in-chief of the Duke of Calabria. There were many doctors on the paternal side, including Peter Abraham Salomon, who accompanied Count Rene of Provence, titular king of Jerusalem, during the crusade. The father belonged to the ancient Jewish family of Issachar, whose representatives, whose lineage was from Issachar, Jacob's fifth son from Leah, was attributed a special prophetic gift.

The name Nostradamus (Notre Dame) is evidence that the conversion of the father to the Catholic faith took place in the church of the Virgin Mary. According to the customs of that time, the name "Notre Dame" was replaced by the Latinized "Nostradamus". The ancestors of Nostradamus on his father's side were Jewish Sephardim who emigrated from the persecution of Ferdinand the Catholic, Isabella of Castile and the Holy Inquisition to Provence, where relative religious tolerance reigned. The ancestors inherited from the Arabs the art of healing and a penchant for Kabbalism. Acquaintance with the worldview of antiquity made the life-affirming Greco-Roman Pantheon no less and possibly closer to Nostradamus than the traditional religiosity of Christianity.

Nostradamus received his primary education at home under the guidance of his maternal grandfather Jean de Saint-Remy. It was the grandfather who managed to instill in the child such an ardent love for comprehending the mysteries of the starry sky, that since then, those around him began to call young Michel nothing more than "a little astrologer." After the death of his grandfather, Nostradamus went to Avignon and devoted himself to the study of a whole complex of humanities, including rhetoric and philosophy. Then, at the age of 22, he entered the University of Montpellier, famous for those times in Europe, famous for its medical school.

In 1526 in Aix he was caught by a plague epidemic. By that time, already a skilled pharmacist, Nostradamus invented an anti-plague remedy, the recipe for which is set out in one of his books (an aromatic composition of herbs that was prescribed to be kept in the mouth of everyone who was at risk of infection). Returning to Montpellier in 1529, Nostradamus passed the exam for the title of doctor and for some time remained an assistant professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montpellier. Since 1536, Nostradamus practiced in Ajan on the Garonne, where he met the famous humanist of that time, Julius Caesar Scaliger.

In 1548, Nostradamus was invited to the Salon de Cro (Salon of Provence). There he remarried a noble Venetian woman Anne-Ponzia-Gemelle. As is clear from the message of Nostradamus to his son Caesar, anticipating the first seven centuries, the first inspiration dawned on him when he burned occult scriptures. With his gift of foresight, Nostradamus appealed to God, while astronomical calculations and astrological calculations served him as confirmation of this gift. After the publication in 1555 of the first series of his centuries, Nostradamus was invited to the court of Henry II, King of France, and arrived in Paris on August 15, 1556. Nostradamus warned the king against participating in knightly duels, pointing out the mortal danger. However, the king disregarded the warning of Nostradamus. The prophecy came true: King Henry II died of a wound received in a tournament on July 10, 1559.

It is also curious that Nostradamus predicted the papal tiara to the then unknown monk Felice Peretti, who ascended the papal throne under the name of Sixtus V in 1585 after the death of the seer. The prediction was reflected in the 76th quatrain of the 5th century.

“He will raise his banner over the heavenly tent, Not wanting to have residences in the cities of Aix, Carpentras, on the island of Folskers and Mount Cavallon.

His traces are being destroyed in all his possessions. "

Pope Sixtus V (Montalto) who followed Gregory XIII, who in reality turned out to be a very militant pope, had many strategic plans, in particular, the conquest of Egypt. Named in the 3rd line of the city and the island of Folsker (Rhone delta) are either papal possession, or border on Avignon. After the death of Sixtus V, the people said: "Fra Felice took the devil, " and overturned the statues that were erected to him during his lifetime, thus destroying all traces of him.

In 1564, Nostradamus was visited by the Dowager Queen Catherine de Medici with her son Charles IX, and on October 18 of the same year, Nostradamus was received by them at the castle de l'Empery. The painting by Denis Valveran, kept in the museum of this castle, depicts Catherine de Medici, sitting in an armchair, her son Charles IX, standing behind her, and Nostradamus, one hand resting on an open book, and the other on the head of a naked boy - a prince Henry of Navarre, future King Henry IV. Nostradamus predicted that he would become king of France. His prediction came true 26 years later, in 1590, when the Valois family died out in the male line (after the death of Henry II, the French throne was sequentially occupied by his three sons: Francis II, Charles IX and Henry III), and in 1564 Charles IX appointed Nostradamus his a medical life, granting him 200 gold doubloons. Catherine's generosity doubled this amount.

On July 1, 1566, Nostradamus said to Chavigny: "At dawn you won't find me alive!" On the morning of July 2, 1566, he got out of bed to avoid an asthma attack and fell dead on a bench. Eyewitnesses to the incident found that his death was calm. He knew the day of his death, because in June 1566, in a copy of the Ephemeris of Stadius (Tables containing calculations of the positions of planets and other celestial bodies at certain intervals.) Against July 2, he wrote: "Death is approaching here." The body of Nostradamus was placed in a sarcophagus and buried in the wall of the church of the Franciscans - Minorites in Salon.

In 1791, in the midst of revolutionary events, a Jacobin set fire to the church of the Franciscans and scattered the remains of the famous fortuneteller. The next day, the revolutionary was found killed near Lanson. This prophecy of Nostradamus, who predicted grief to everyone who would open his grave, also came true. The urn with the remains of the ashes of Nostradamus was re-installed in the Church of St. Lawrence.

The eldest son of Nostradamus justified the hopes placed on him by his father. Caesar became the author of the history of Provence. Louis XIII granted Caesar Nostradamus the title of nobility (cavalier) and made him a chamberlain of the court. Nostradamus's second son, Michel, was charged with deliberate arson and executed in 1574. The third son, Andre, joined the Capuchin order. The eldest daughter, Madeleine, married the gentleman Paul de Choquin, Anne and Diana remained unmarried.

Even during his lifetime, the work of Nostradamus enjoyed success. Almanacs, prediction calendars for agriculture, containing the secret prophecies of Nostradamus, were especially popular. A lifetime monthly oracle for 1555-1556 has survived, as well as a posthumous oracle until November 1567 in the form of the 141st prediction. Together with the eleventh century, consisting of 58 hexes and two quatrains, and the twelfth, consisting of 11 quatrains, these works constitute the posthumous legacy of Nostradamus. In 1605, they were presented as a gift to King Henry IV on behalf of the publisher Vincent Seva of Beauser, a descendant of Nostradamus.

Centuries of Nostradamus - the prophetic work of his entire life, which went down in the history of world literature, eventually acquired true immortality. Each of the 9 official centuri contains 100 quatrains (the seventh - 42 quatrains). In addition, the Centuries are supplied with two prefaces: the first, to the 7th Century, is dedicated to the son of Caesar, and the second, dated June 27, 1558 and serving as an introduction to the 8-10 Centuries, is dedicated to Henry the Blessed.

The problem of establishing the chronological correspondence to the event predicted by Nostradamus, an expert in cursive notarial writing (the so-called Tyrone's notes), so tempting as it is insoluble in full, was fertile ground for putting forward various kinds of hypotheses and options for reconstructing the chronological chain. The triumphal procession of the centuries on the map of the historical development of mankind, which began after their first publication in 1555, continues to this day.

Perhaps no other figure in history causes so many contradictory and numerous controversies as the great soothsayer and soothsayer Michel Nostradamus. The number of books about the predictions of Nostradamus is already in the tens of thousands, and more and more scientists are trying to get through the impenetrable thickets of the cipher of the French doctor-predictor. His so-called centuries have already been translated into Russian more than once, and even several times have been diligently "explained" by the lovers of the predictions of the future Michel Nostradamus. However, something kept getting in the way: either the next decoding of Nostradamus's predictions will not come true, then the same passage from Nostradamus is interpreted in completely different ways. In general, from the constant mention of the name of Nostradamus, some people developed a certain skepticism towards the conclusions of the predictor.

This happened due to the fact that basically the interpretation of the books of the famous Frenchman was done at an amateur level - with the help of various assumptions and guesses. Young researchers Dmitry and Nadezhda Zima were the first to try to apply mathematics to the rhymed rhymes of Nostradamus and were successful in deciphering his predictions of the future. For greater accuracy, they worked with the original text, and a university professor and an expert in Old French and Latin helped them in decoding.

As a result, the code was found not in the verses themselves - predictions that have already been persuaded hundreds of times by all and sundry researchers of Nostradamus, but in the preface to them. But the most interesting thing is that Nostradamus himself predicted this and foresaw the decoding of his texts with an accuracy of up to a year ...

Dmitry and Nadezhda managed to find a simple key to the predictions of Nostradamus and decipher the chain of dates predicted by Nostradamus. More than half of them have already been fulfilled in exact accordance with what Nostradamus wrote. The revolutions in France and in Russia, two world wars, the collapse of the USSR, the war in Afghanistan and much more were predicted by Nostradamus with an accuracy of several months, many centuries before these events took place. The accuracy of Nostradamus's predictions exceeds 90%! However, the most sad discovery was that in the very near future, the ghost of the third world war, or, in the words of Nostradamus, "the third deluge of human blood" still looms before humanity. Then, for those who survive, a new era will come with a new worldview and a lot of new knowledge.


What is the key that allows you to read the predictions of Nostradamus? Nostradamus was an extremely educated man of his time, who managed to stop several epidemics of the plague. His astronomical calculations were almost inferior to those of Copernicus, which at least speaks of his adequacy.

It is all the more strange that in one of the prefaces to their centuries, known to us as the "Epistle to Henry", in the eyes dazzled by inaccuracies and errors, even arithmetic. Maybe Nostradamus just wrote this prediction of the future in a hurry?

Again, no - Nostradamus himself draws attention to the fact that he wrote this short text for more than a year - from March 1557 to June 1558 - a few words a day! At the same time, the prophet greatly distorts the Bible. The message directly speaks of some kind of cipher, and therefore it is logical to assume that these "errors" are simply - simply elements of the encryption of the prediction of Nostradamus, invented by him on purpose.

This key was calculated using rigorous mathematical logic. In order not to overload you with mathematical details, I will only say that it is a number of four units split in half - 11, 11.

It is curious that Nostradamus described this number in various places in his predictions of the future. For example, the message says: “All the construction and harmony of prophecies is based partly on a tripod (that is, on three units)”, and this “tripod” should be used by “placing a magic wand (one more unit) between its legs” (Century 1 - I, quatrain 2nd).

In addition, in another preface, Michel Nostradamus says that "the hereditary word of predicting the future (that is, the key) will go to the grave with me", and at the end gives the order to surround his coffin with four candles, one livre - two on each side. Again, four units, broken up symmetrically, that is, the same number 11, 11.

The meaning of the decoding follows from the words of the prediction of Nostradamus: "I expect that in the future about the same number of events should take place as in the past centuries." That is, all the events listed in the chronology must fit into the period between the date of writing the prophecies - June 1558 - and the date of some "event, which is carefully calculated, at the beginning of the 7th millennium (according to chronology, this is approximately our time)." Thus, the entire chain of dates should be reduced by a single key - a coefficient and added to June 1558. Expanding the table will give the date of the final event predicted by Nostradamus.


What does Nostradamus say about this?

We will not retell all the fulfilled predictions of Nostradamus about two world wars and many revolutions. If desired, everyone can read it at their leisure. It is much more interesting that with the help of the found coefficient it is possible to investigate the near future with the same 90% probability.

Nostradamus writes in black and white that the beginning of a new era will be laid in Russia, and the beginning of a new war - on the territory of ancient Babylon, where today there is a state called Iraq. The almost past Iraqi crisis, which, despite its gradual extinction, will certainly make itself felt, can serve as a confirmation of the fidelity of Michel Nostradamus's judgments.

From the prediction of Nostradamus, one can understand that the Iraqi crisis is the beginning of a global conflict. Here, however, it is worth clarifying: in the table disclosed by Dmitry and Nadezhda there are no detailed dates for the near future, with the exception of two or three. There is another - it contains an explicit indication that almost half of his quatrains - quatrains are devoted to the period from 1998 to 2002.

From this it becomes clear that it is during this period that the embryo of a new world war will grow. In other words, it is not at all necessary that a real crisis with the use of all military forces will break out immediately, Nostradamus predicted. However, even if it can be prevented today, it will still break out later.

Nevertheless, the situation described by Nostradamus very much resembles reality. More than fifteen quatrains of the prophet are dedicated to the fact that "a war will be started by a certain adulterer who wants to cover up his sins with the help of military operations."

“Blood will be shed because of the forgiveness of the sins of one young man”, precisely because of this the “ax of adulterous sin” will come to Mesopotamia (modern Iraq), when “honor is blinded because of lust”. This is how it is described in one of the quatrains: "He will come, vile, dangerous, dishonorable ... he will tyrannize Mesopotamia (Iraq) ... he will exchange everyone for a woman - an adulteress."

These quatrains have been known for a very long time, but before the key was discovered, no one could even imagine that this refers to the modern world. “Because of his women, he will put people to black death. There has never been such an ordinary - cruel creature. " The likelihood of error is almost impossible. Almost everything coincides: the scene of action is Iraq, and the reason is adultery, and even the nickname Clinton will receive. Let me remind you that in America the Clinton case is called "Zippergate", from the word "fly", but this is how Nostradamus says about it: Feminine dishonor will come to the reigning Prince: A dubious nickname from his pants will be the last for him. Soon, the Ruler, a born dodger, will bring great harm to his country. "


It will take several years before the war becomes world war. At first, due to the fact that many states that do not take part in the conflict will suffer, tensions in the world will rise sharply. America's relations with Russia will also deteriorate: "Long-asleep hatred will wake up, " and a wave of protests will appear in America itself. Well, then, as in the case of Vietnam, in order to neutralize the discontent of its citizens, the United States will have to continue its military hysteria, which means that it will need a new adversary. The easiest way to find such an enemy would be in other Arab countries or in Russia.

“A terrible war has been prepared in the West. Next year, the plague will come. " After the victory of one Defiant Field, new games with the Long Pole will be resumed. "" Running lights, peaks hitting the sky, The next conflict is between the fighting crows. "

It is possible that the "two ravens" mean two state symbols - the two-headed Russian eagle and the American eagle. As for the "long poles" and "peaks that hit from the sky", this description is the best fit for modern missiles, possibly nuclear. Otherwise, it is difficult to explain such statements of Nostradamus as "peaks will strike across the sea" and his exclamation of horror: "What a deadly spear!"

It seems that it is not in vain that UN officers are checking Iraqi factories for the production of chemical and bacteriological weapons. Nostradamus writes directly about such a danger: “From the conquered place, there will be a leak and a plague. Times will change. Wind. Death by the Great Third ”. Here we are really talking about the leakage of infection from the conquered cities of Iraq. However, there are also clearer quatrains: “Infectious boilers have been placed on the plain. Wine, honey and oil, and everything is made on stoves. Without an evil word, the villains will be immersed. Seven smokes will be covered from volley cannons (or from cannon volleys). "

Here Nostradamus writes about the artificial preparation of some kind of infection and even about its spread with the help of cannons. The most interesting thing is that the second line indicates that chemical warfare agents will be made in the most ordinary ovens used for food production.

In support of this, information has already appeared that Saddam Hussein actually uses brewing equipment for the production of chemical and bacteriological weapons. Nostradamus describes this weapon as "flakes of snow more than white", he also speaks of some kind of death "from a stomach disease." Judging by the text of Nostradamus, the first outbreak of an epidemic or poisoning can be extinguished, but after a while the "plague" will flare up again with renewed vigor, and its consequences will be visible not only in Asia and Africa, but also in Europe and America.


This question was answered by Nostradamus.

Dmitry and Nadezhda claim that Nostradamus was able to see further. The most unpleasant outcome, which, according to the predictor, although unlikely, but possible, is that "the lands will become almost uninhabited and for a long time peace will reign on them." However, he himself writes: "The worst will be contained, it is unlikely that there will be a new approach." In addition, behind this war, the French predictor sees the onset of a new era and even calls it "almost a new Golden Age." Nostradamus attributed the peak of the third world war to 2002.

The salvation of the world will happen, according to Nostradamus, due to the emergence of a new religion. It will be "a sect of philosophers who despise death, honor and wealth." In other words, we are talking about a religion not only of love, but also of reason. This will be the kind of teaching that will connect modern science with such a concept as God. Perhaps it is in Russia that this movement will unfold with the greatest force. In this regard, a new era will begin here, although before that many troubles have yet to be experienced.

For example, in the near future, Russia is threatened with a sharp change in its political course. There are indications from Nostradamus on the discontent of the army, on its role in a possible coup. The reason is very common - "they won't find money for the soldiers." However, a coup is inevitable; it is enough for the government to simply change its course.

In all likelihood, by mid-1999, the power in Russia will be completely unrecognizable. New people will come who will win not "by force of iron and war", but "with soft words on advice." However, in Russia, as you know, nothing good happens for a long time, and even before 2002, a certain leader of this movement will most likely be killed, and this may be the reason for the colossal aggravation of the conflict, for the “monstrous extermination of people and animals”. The reason for this, writes Nostradamus, will be that in a few years, during which one should learn to live in a new way, most are unlikely to be able to give up such a human feeling as revenge.

Naturally, it is hard to believe that the secret of almost 500 years ago has finally been solved. Dozens and hundreds of times more, the version of Dmitry and Nadezhda will be verified by other researchers. However, the great seer himself determined in his texts who is destined to become the first person to unravel the truth in his quatrains.

Nostradamus writes, of course, in encrypted form, that the secret key hidden by him in the "Message to Henry" will be opened at 10.97, which was done by Dmitry in October 1997. But the strangest thing is that Nostradamus predicted the author of the decryption: "This man will be born in 1966". There are too many coincidences not to trust the theory of Dmitry and Nadezhda.


Over the entire history of its existence, mankind has experienced numerous ends of the world. And, according to some predictors, astrologers and scientists, more than one should survive. So, according to the prediction of Nostradamus, in 2009 our Planet is waiting for a real Armageddon.

The sources of Nostradamus' inspiration should be sought in the Bible, the Talmud and the apocryphal Jewish "Book of Enoch". It is here that the postulate is formulated that the world is set aside for the existence of 6000 years, in accordance with the 6 days of Creation. At the end of this period, the final battle between God and the Devil will take place.

Despite this, many opponents of predictions consider such information to be false, and the philosopher himself is called "an inventor." But fans of Nostradamus refer to a misreading of his predictions, they say, the very vague manner of writing "quatrains" gives a wide field for interpretation and justification of predictions in hindsight. Therefore, special value for testing the gift of clairvoyance of Nostradamus acquire his foresight for those times that still await humanity.

Recall that scientists are preparing us for the next end of the world and next year. According to them, a giant asteroid may fall on Earth. According to New Scientist, the probability of a collision is one in six million, but the figure may change as the trajectory is refined.

Another collision is predicted in 2029. NASA officials said the Earth is threatened by another giant asteroid, 2004 MN4, with an estimated collision probability of 1 in 300. The Earth's collision with an asteroid may occur on April 13, 2029.

The end of the world can be expected in 2010 as well. According to some prophets, the world will run out of oil and the world will be swallowed up by a war for resources. Also, earthlings are promised that their planet will turn away from the sun for some time, but this will be a temporary end of the world.

However, another representative of the ancient era thought of a completely different date for Armageddon. One of the manuscripts of the great physicist Isaac Newton says that the end of the world will come in 2060. Newton is not Nostradamus, the genius of physics, mathematics and mechanics, who lived in England from 1643 to 1727, can be trusted. Now scientists are figuring out how justified it is and what is the logic behind its creation.

Isaac Newton, as you know, who was also fond of theology and alchemy, writes that mankind was released a period of 1260 years after the formation of the Thracian empire by Charlemagne in 800.

It is known that the great physicist determined this date by deciphering the Bible, namely on the basis of mathematical calculations based on one of the fragments of the Book of the Prophet Daniel. It took him almost 50 years. The very letters of the outstanding English physicist, astronomer and mathematician, which contain these calculations, are dated 1704.