Should you watch adult movies together?

When a couple wants to diversify their intimate leisure, the idea of ​​watching a porn film comes to mind for quite a few. But not everyone passes this test!

10 expectations - and reality

1. Expectations: you have three glasses of wine, you are drawn to adventure! And her best friend said that she and her husband often watch porn together. We turn on ...

Reality: You’ve been thinking for half the evening how to propose this idea to him. Finally you decide: "I think we could together, well, try something new, for example, watch porn ..." - "Yes!"

2. Expectations: the lights go out, a glass of wine in your hand, you quickly decided what to watch.

Reality: “I don’t want to watch anal, ” you think. “How can I make him understand that I’m definitely not dreaming about this story?”

3. Expectations: Perhaps you should try doing the same during foreplay.

Reality: you move towards him, put your head on your shoulder, and he is absorbed in watching.

4. Expectations: It all started modestly, but now both are undressing, and this is exciting. You pat him on the thigh and look in love.

Reality: they show some nonsense, your vagina doesn't look like that! I'll have to check ...

5. Expectations: You can remember useful movements during the blowjob.

Reality: one porn star gives a deepthroat blowjob to another star. You both laugh, because in real life it is difficult to repeat.

6. Expectations: To make viewing even more interesting, you complement the onscreen sighs with your own - right into his ear. It's nice.

Reality: oh, he knows the name of the actress! What would your name be in such an environment?

7. Expectations: You automatically notice what poses he likes and think to try a rider the other way around that night.

Reality: You are asking if he wants you to epilate the bikini area. He refuses and asks not to raise this topic.

8. Expectations: what if he follows the advice about cunnilingus ?!

Reality: better not, after all, you do not have a motor boat there, as shown on the screen.

9. Expectations: Maybe he will like this position? Pretty interesting.

Reality: He said this was the strangest sex in his life.

10. Expectations: Enough of the movie, it's time to move on to reality.

Reality: Both of you are not turned on, so let the others watch while you try sex the old fashioned way.