How to trigger the release of endorphins in the body?

Endorphin leads a person to euphoria (a state of bliss), it is also called a "natural drug" or "hormone of happiness." Any positive experience raises the level of endorphins in the blood. There are many other ways that can trigger the release of endorphins into the bloodstream.

The first way is to consume chili peppers. Hold it on your tongue for a while, and you will not only feel better, but will also be able to relieve the pain.

The second way is to think positively! To do this, you need to control your thoughts and, when a negative one appears, immediately replace it with a positive one. This will release endorphins into the bloodstream, and you will notice how your mood rises.

Sports also contribute to the release of endorphins, especially running, swimming, tennis, that is, all those sports that need to be practiced for a long time. At a certain point in the workout, you will feel an absolute thrill from the exercise - this will indicate to you that there has been a release of endorphins.

New experiences, such as going to the theater or going to a concert by your favorite artist, also affect your endorphin levels.

Music that makes you cry is a great stimulant for the release of endorphins.

You can also see an acupuncturist for a feeling of harmony and happiness. After acupuncture, endorphins are released into the blood in the same way as with laughter.

Laughter, in addition to raising the level of endorphins, also strengthens the immune system.

Chocolate in small quantities is also a source of joy, but you should not get carried away with it, as it is fraught with both health and body shape.

Ultraviolet light can also stimulate the release of endorphins, so either go to a tanning bed or the beach to cheer yourself up.

Food and endorphins

Avocado - 1/2 fruit a day, and the world will no longer seem so dark and heartless to you.

Bananas are a source of tryptophan, an amino acid responsible for the brain's production of serotonin. One banana a day will help create a good mood.

Mustard - Mustard oil also increases serotonin levels. Use mustard in sauces that you use in salad dressings and feel a surge of energy and vitality.

Potatoes are a source of potassium replenishment in the body (just like a banana). The amount of potassium decreases very quickly after suffering stress. Boil 250 grams of potatoes in their skins and eliminate the effects of stress.

Cilantro is an excellent stimulant of the nervous system. To many, its taste seems unpleasant, but this is a matter of habit. Borodino bread is sprinkled with cilantro seeds, and nothing - everyone loves. And what taste cilantro will give to ordinary pasta! Simply sprinkle the hot pasta with cilantro, crushed with a clove of garlic, grated cheese and a couple of slices of fresh tomato. You will change your mind about cilantro.

Milk - due to its digestion in the body, peptides are formed, which also increase the level of serotonin in the brain.

Paprika - contains a lot of substances that activate metabolic processes in the brain. Its performance will quickly recover.

Beet. Beetroot is not rich in anything, but most importantly it contains folic acid, which breaks down homocysteine ​​- a substance that causes depression and depressed mood. Just one beet a day will give you the amount of folate you need.

Currant (red) stimulates cell regeneration due to the content of succinic acid. A glass of juice is a great way to relieve stress and build strength. It has a beneficial effect on blood composition.

Thyme. Contains cymene and caravacrol - excellent soothing agents. At night, two tbsp. spoons of honey and 2 tsp. spoons of thyme.

Chili - Chili peppers contain capsaicin, which stimulates endorphin production. Choose sweeter pods, their pungency has nothing to do with joyful mood, even sweet pods will bring the desired effect

Endorphin and its role in depression

Lack of endorphins leads to depressed mood and apathy, that is, depression. The goal of any person is to satisfy their needs and get pleasure. The feeling of pleasure appears in our body when endorphins are released, which are produced in the brain and whose chemical compound is very similar to morphine. Hence the name "endorphin" - endogenous morphine, that is, produced inside the body.

All pleasure leads to the fact that the level of endorphin increases, and we feel joy or happiness. Endorphin is produced during processes that activate the receptors of hearing, smell, etc. That is why people suffering from depression may have an increased appetite, and they can eat a lot of food that brings them pleasure, that is, increases the level of endorphins.

Lack of endorphin

Endorphin production can be reduced in certain pathologies. In a person with chemical dependence, the amount of endorphin in the body is reduced. And quite often such a person feels “normal” for the first time only after drinking an alcoholic drink or a narcotic substance, since any of the drugs directly or indirectly increases the amount of endorphin.

If the inner world or moral structure of this person positively perceives this method of obtaining happiness in life, then after a while he becomes a drug addict or alcoholic.

People susceptible to chemical dependence are also characterized by other innate features of metabolism. For example, their liver converts substances differently (decomposition of substances and output in some way is different), and therefore the absorption of alcohol is non-standard. By the way, the ability to consume large amounts of alcohol without getting drunk is one of the manifestations of innate alcohol addiction.

When taking psychoactive drugs, a rapid release of endorphins into the blood plasma is carried out and the brain over time adapts to this by increasing the number of receptors that receive endorphins. In addition, soon all body systems come to a state of inability to function without the above substance.

Because a large amount of morphines from the external environment (heroin) enters the brain or adapts to regular harsh stimulation (screw, cocaine, ethanol), then after a while it stops the synthesis of natural endorphins.

Effects of music on endorphin levels

Music can increase the level of endorphins in the blood. Biochemical substances that arise in the body under the influence of positive experiences and emotions caused by music, contribute to the formation of its own anesthetics in the body and increase the level of immunity. There is a theory that the pleasure of music, the feeling of soaring, is the result of the production of endorphins. It is secreted by the pituitary gland as a result of electrical activity that spreads in the region of the brain and is associated with the activity of the lymphatic and autonomously controlling centers.

One American medical journal reported (based on research on music therapy treatments) that many expectant mothers who listened to certain music regularly during childbirth did not need pain relievers. “Music therapy increases the production of endorphins by the pituitary gland and thus reduces the need for medication. It also distracts from pain and lowers nervous tension, ”the researchers concluded.