Deceptively beautiful professions

When choosing a profession, people are driven by two main needs: wealth and / or fame. It is good when a person soberly evaluates how much effort and time needs to be invested in order to achieve success in the chosen field. But it happens differently: certain professions are so romanticized and shrouded in myths that they are considered very easy and enjoyable, although in reality everything is different. Do you dream of becoming a ballerina or a movie actor? We offer you to find out the truth about what this is fraught with in reality.


It is generally accepted that this is a romantic and well-paid profession for beautiful girls. Airlines themselves support this myth (the editors of uznayvsё.rf recalls the recent scandal at Aeroflot, when several women were fired from the staff of flight attendants due to their insufficiently presentable appearance and excessive, according to the employer, body weight). In fact, the work of the flight attendants is hard, and relatively little money is paid for it. Not all girls work on international flights, so when you become a flight attendant, you are more likely to see the conditional Krasnoyarsk or Chelyabinsk than Paris or Barcelona.

In addition, flight attendants with long experience have a high risk of their occupational diseases - due to the fact that they spend most of their working time on their feet, diseases of the veins and spine may develop; it is also believed that working at night may cause reproductive difficulties.


Our grandmothers and mothers dreamed about the stage of the Bolshoi Theater. They were inspired by the opportunity to flutter in a snow-white "tutu", gracefully bend in bow and become a prima in the future. In fact, the profession of a ballerina is very traumatic and can turn even a physically healthy and hardy person into a helpless disabled person.

Girls have to make dizzying jumps, rub their toes into the blood and dance, overcoming pain and fatigue - of course, training often lasts 8-10 hours, day after day. And this is against the background of the fact that it is not so easy to replenish the body's resources: not only sweets are prohibited, but also other food in the usual volume, because a ballerina needs to keep herself in shape. Inoffensive three or four kilograms above the norm - and goodbye to a dizzying career.


Learning the role is not difficult, because even a schoolboy is able to memorize several dozen lines. The director will tell you what emotions you need to portray on your face and what posture to take. And after that - the carpets, fans and high fees. No matter how it is! To please both viewers and critics, sometimes you have to make some sacrifices.

For example, dramatically lose weight (like Matthew McConaughey) and get fat (like Jared Leto), completely cut your hair (like Demi Moore or Charlize Theron) and endure difficult tests of cold and water (like Leonardo DiCaprio in several of his roles at once). Actors do not live at home for months, which does not in the best way affect their personal life and relationships with children, and outside the set they hide from fans, among whom there are real psychos.

In addition, not everyone makes their way to the very top: how many theater actors are there in the Russian regions who have been playing a conditional wolf in the Youth Theater all their lives? We at, of course, remember that "a wolf in the Youth Theater is like Hamlet in a drama, " but still. And the recent harassment scandal of Harvey Weinstein recalled how actresses are sometimes blackmailed, instead of just giving them a role.


The girls agree to anything to become at least a "miss" of their city or to get a photo session from a famous photographer. Of course, because this promises a chance to become a famous model - a role model, a desired and such an inaccessible object for men. But not everyone knows that the age of the model is very short - only a few years, and the physical and mental stresses are so great that only the most persistent can cope with them.

A girl who has chosen the profession of a model is unlikely to have time for a university, but she just needs knowledge of foreign languages. Like a ballerina, life automatically turns into a struggle with extra pounds, and the constant "war paint" makes the skin tired and old. An irregular work schedule, exhausting photo shoots and sports training, as well as the inability to manage time and even personal life - the last point is often stipulated in the contract. At the same time, only a few will achieve the peaks, and the majority in a few years will be out of work.


Almost every second man sees himself as an alcohol taster. And really, what's so hard about tasting hard liquor all the time? But even many years of alcoholic "experience" is clearly not enough to become a taster. In the beginning, you will have to study for a long time - otherwise how will you distinguish among the mass of other Chardonnay wines of 2010, or will you figure out how a certain variety of wine will behave when stored under given conditions?

All this requires lengthy preparation and continuous training. The taster cannot do without the latter, since he needs to "load" his taste buds much more and more often than an ordinary person. And you don't always have to try exactly what you like - after all, it's work, not fun.


Another profession from the category “what can you do?”. People are mistaken when they think the job of a critic is easy but well paid. In practice, everything is much more complicated than the need to just voice your opinion and get paid for it. Social media has generated so many couch critics that you need to stand out before your hobby becomes a real profession.

First you need to learn to notice the nuances that are inaccessible to ordinary people. Then you will have to thoroughly understand the terminology, and it can be very specific! And the last thing - they need such deep knowledge that they will allow them to be head and shoulders above their opponents in any situation. All this is impossible without constant, exhausting training and self-improvement.


This is one of the professions that allows you to fully realize real masculine qualities: fortitude, discipline, endurance. Even if this happens in the rear, and not in the war, the level of stress in the military is one of the highest in comparison with representatives of other professions.

In peacetime, they have to make decisions that directly or indirectly affect the life and well-being of people, participate in the elimination of serious accidents and man-made disasters. They are constantly accompanied by serious physical and mental stress, and the need to move makes them regularly start life anew: in an unfamiliar city with strangers.

Morning TV presenters

At a time when the country is just waking up, they cheerfully report on the first events of the coming day from TV screens. When you see the cheerful, smiling faces of Ekaterina Strizhenova and her husband Alexander, it seems that they are truly happy. Indeed, they make good money (especially on rating channels), they have their own stylists and make-up artists, and the broadcast ends at about 9-10 am.

But in order to prepare an interesting release for a half-asleep audience, you have to work a lot behind the scenes, so their working day lasts no less, and even longer than many other professions, and starts at three or four in the morning. Being late for such work is unacceptable, as well as a frown on the face due to personal problems or conflict with management.


The feelings when you fly a huge plane at an altitude of several thousand meters above the ground are priceless. As well as the lives for which the pilot is responsible. Representatives of this profession earn good money and travel a lot (if you can call it that), but their work is accompanied by a serious psycho-emotional stress.

Indeed, in the event of an emergency, they need to make a decision in a split second, which will be fatal or fatal for the crew members and passengers of the plane. Sometimes you have to make the only right choice with lightning speed so as not to lead yourself and the passengers to disaster.

When choosing a profession, it is important to remember that you will be spending about a third of your time at work. This means that work must necessarily be loved - otherwise why all this at all? We invite you to read about interesting professions that are becoming more and more in demand.