Secrets of seduction

It has always been considered and to this day I also think that men and women came from different planets, so they still cannot find that understanding and unity of souls, which is sometimes so lacking in both. When communicating, external sympathy is enough only in the first few stages, but what next? A relationship cannot last forever based on sex alone. Moreover, being in such a relationship, it is impossible to create a real full-fledged family.

What are the secrets of seduction? First of all, be confident and know what you want. A woman should always think only of complete confidence that she is beautiful, unique and does everything right. But ... don't confuse self-confidence with overconfidence or even arrogance.

Then there is optimism. A good mood that can be passed on to others is an important factor when communicating with the opposite sex.

Genuine attention, the ability to listen and speak in time is another important component of the art of seduction. It is worth remembering that people are willing to reach out to those who know how to listen. Flattered by the attention and interest shown to his own person, any person is unlikely to forget such a sweet person and will be under her charm for a long time.

Self-care and neatness in everything: perfect skin, clean shiny hair, unique perfume, stylish haircut, neat manicure, fresh, clean clothes. As you know, they are greeted in appearance, so you should not neglect them.

Small, wrinkled…. Every woman has =) what is it? Of course a highlight! If the female essence is in full view, it is not interesting. Mysteriousness and unpredictability, extravagance and uniqueness are what distinguishes us from each other. Each woman can find her own zest only herself, because each has her own talent. It is not for nothing that psychologists argue that self-knowledge is one of the most interesting activities.

A pleasant voice, soft, languid, in places barely audible. It is worth remembering that not only women love with their ears. For men, this is also an important indicator when choosing a partner.

In general, dear ladies, summing up all of the above, I just want to clarify that soft intonation plus a sweet smile is a magic formula with which you can make an irresistible impression on our dear men.