The most beautiful islands in Brazil

Brazil is known for its lovely and friendly people, samba, the largest carnival in the world, and of course the amazing Amazon jungle. But did you know that Brazil also has many magnificent islands? So if you've always dreamed of escaping to exotic tropical destinations, you can take a look at these stunning Brazilian islands.

Ilya Cardoso

This mountainous island, which was made a state park in 1962, is located near the southernmost point of the state of São Paulo. The waters around this island are teeming with various species of whales, seals and dolphins. And if you're lucky, you might even get a chance to swim with wild dolphins. As for Ilia Cardoso himself, this is a beautiful island with a rugged coastline, beautiful waterfalls, natural pools and forests. Like the waters surrounding it, this island is also teeming with life.

Ilya Marajo

Ilya Marajo is one of the most unique Brazilian islands. On the one hand, it is not in the ocean, but at the mouth of the Amazon River. It is also very large, the size of Switzerland. Ilya Marajo is, in fact, the largest river island in the world. This island is also famous for its sea surf of waves that come into the river from the sea and can reach a height of 4 meters. If you are looking for a quiet holiday surrounded by nature, then this island is the ideal place to see thousands of birds, including herons and scarlet ibis, as well as buffaloes.


Campeche, which is located on the east coast of Florianopolis, boasts stunning white sand beaches and very clear waters ideal for snorkeling. But this is not just another beautiful island. More than 100 ancient petroglyphs have been discovered on the island. Visitors are only given four hours to explore the small island, and the island is closed to visitors during the winter months.

Ilha de Ilha di Itamaraca

Off the coast of the state of Pernambuco, the island of Ilha de Ilha de Itamaraca is a popular tourist destination. This charming island boasts many beautiful beaches and historic sites, including Fort Orange, which was built by the Dutch in 1631.


The name means "island of honey" and those who have been to Ilha do Mel will tell you that it is indeed a very sweet island. With beautiful beaches and dense jungle, and the most popular attraction, the cave known as the Gruta das Encantadas or "Enchanted Grotto", Ilha do Mel is ideal for a relaxing break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.


Ilhabela is a group of islands located on the north coast of São Paulo. The name means a beautiful island, and visitors to Ilhabela will quickly understand why. These Brazilian islands have beautiful beaches and over 360 waterfalls. The dense tropical jungle is home to wild monkeys and about 300 bird species, including toucans. Dubbed the sailing capital of Brazil, Ilhabela hosts the Rolex International Sailing Week every year, the largest sailing competition in Latin America.

Ilha de Santa Catarina

This island offers a lot of variety in a relatively small space. On Ilha de Santa Catarina, you will find Florianopolis, the capital of the state of Santa Catarina. This city is known for its exciting nightlife and is proud of its historic city center. Ilha de Santa Catarina also has many beautiful beaches, including Joaquina Beach, a popular surfing spot. Apart from the beaches, Ilha de Santa Catarina also has beautiful pine forests, lakes and dunes. This island, which is connected to the mainland by two bridges, is a favorite destination for tourists from other countries such as Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

Ilha de Tinhare

This beautiful island is probably best known for the village of Morro de São Paulo. This small village has no streets or cars and boasts stunning velvet beaches that are easy to remember as they are simply called First, Second, Third and Fourth. The second beach is the most popular with tourists and boasts many bars and restaurants.

Ilha Grande

If you are looking for an island that remains largely undeveloped, then take a photo of Ilha Grande, which is located about 160 km from Rio de Janeiro. Over the years this island has been used for some interesting purposes. Once there was a leper colony, and then for over 90 years it was a prison where some of the most dangerous criminals in Brazil were located. But after the prison was closed in 1994, Ilha Grande began to attract tourists who are attracted to the island with its beautiful beaches and amazing rainforests.

Fernando de Noronha

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Fernando de Noronha is an archipelago of 21 islands and islets in the Atlantic Ocean. To protect these fragile islands, only 460 tourists can visit them a day. Writers call the islands "possibly the quietest and most beautiful place" in the world. And the New York Times listed Fernando de Noronha in the 2014 list as one of the most visited places. This high praise is well deserved. The waters around Fernando de Noronha are crystal clear and teeming with fish, dolphins and turtles. There are many beautiful, deserted beaches, picturesque bays and beautiful waterfalls.