Each of us only has 3 attempts to fall in love

Throughout our lives, we fall in love and part, sometimes to get back together. People come into our lives and leave, and we are experiencing such ups and downs that we could not even think of.

But psychologists say that we can truly fall in love only three times. And each in its own way is important and even necessary.

1. Fairytale Love

Often the first love comes when we are still very young. She seems to be the one we read about in fairy tales. We idealize it and believe that it is for life.

This is the time when we do what society or family expects of us. We do not pay attention to minor troubles and can give up our own principles for the sake of relationships, because deep down we believe that this is the way it should be.

How our relationship looks from the outside is more important to us than what we actually feel.

Such love teaches: it is important to look not only around, but also at each other.

2. Complex love

The second love of our life is the most difficult. We think that we have drawn conclusions from previous experience, and we choose a completely different person as a companion, but that was not the case.

We can be manipulated, deceived, or even hurt. We cling to every opportunity to improve relationships, but every attempt turns out to be an even greater failure. This is a real drama with rare moments of enlightenment.

And again, something becomes more important than our feelings, only now these are endless attempts to establish a sick relationship.

This kind of love teaches us that it is important to be loved in return.

3. Mature love

The third love is the one that we no longer expect. It appears in our life by itself and does not correspond to our ideas, does not seem ideal at all. But this is a genuine connection, which is distinguished by extraordinary lightness and which cannot be explained in words.

Now we are already deprived of all expectations, we do not build illusions about what the person whom we have loved should be like, but we accept him as he is. And what is important, he treats us in exactly the same way.

Such love teaches that to be real, it does not have to be perfect.