12 laws of life that really work

12 laws of life that really work even if you don't believe in them

1. Law of cause and effect

Whatever we have created in the Universe, it will always give it back to us. Therefore, if we want to find love, true friendship and happiness, then first of all we ourselves must love our loved ones, be a faithful friend and make people happy.

2. Law of Creation

The key to the correct inner state is independence from the outside world. To achieve it, you need to be yourself and surround yourself with those people and those things that we really love and want to see in our life.

3. The Law of Humility

We cannot change the situation until we accept it. And if we see only an enemy in someone, it means that we ourselves are not yet oriented towards a higher level of existence.

4. Law of growth

The main thing for us is that we ourselves should change and grow, and not the people, cities or technologies around us, because life and the time allotted to us is all that we really have.

5. Law of responsibility

Life is a mirror. When something goes wrong in her, it means that we ourselves have internal problems, so we must take responsibility for what is happening, and not look for the guilty.

6. Law of Communication

Even if what we are doing seems insignificant to us, it is very important to do it, since everything in the Universe is interconnected. The first step cannot be more important than the last, and vice versa, since both are necessary to complete the task.

7. Law of Concentration

It is impossible to think about two things at the same time. If you focus on looking for something important, such as spiritual values, then there will be no room in your head for greed or anger.

8. Law of Enactment

We truly understand and accept only what we have learned in practice. If we believe something is true, but are not ready to prove it, then we only have an opinion, not knowledge.

9. Here and Now Law

Digging into the past and obsessive dreams of the future distract us from what is happening in the present moment, and old behaviors and old dreams prevent us from finding something new.

10. Law of Change

History will repeat itself until we learn from it lessons that will change our path, so it is not worth doing the same thing every time, while expecting different results.

11. The Law of Patience and Reward

Any reward requires an investment of labor, and the true joy of life is to keep working hard, knowing that sooner or later we will achieve our goal.

12. The law of meaning and inspiration

We get only what we deserve, because the true value of something is equal to the energy and strength that we spent to get what we want. But only those who love to give are able to receive something inspiring.