How to strengthen the wifi signal in the apartment?

In order to be able to use the network throughout the entire area of ​​the house, it is necessary to correctly configure the router. Let's take a look at how to amplify a wifi signal in an apartment.

Even the cheapest router has a fairly long range, but various factors can make it worse.


A very important point of a wifi signal amplifier is that the router must be correctly positioned in the living area. The most common obstacles are walls and other partitions that will obstruct the waves. Position the router in a position that allows the signal to bypass obstacles, ideally in the center of the house. The easiest way, of course, is to destroy all the walls, but the correct position for deployment will be enough.

Alien networks

Most likely, several more Wi-Fi points will work on your site, which also create interference. To improve the signal of the router, it is necessary to choose the most free channel through which Internet activity will occur. This can be done using programs, for example - inSSIDer, which allow you to analyze channels. Understand the instructions for these programs and set the highest quality one by default.

Low transmitter power

Sometimes it happens that in the default settings of the router there is a low network transmission level. To fix the situation, you need to go to the advanced settings of the router and find the "Transmitter Power" option. The next step is to set the maximum to this value. However, this feature does not exist in all devices.

Additional means of improvement

To improve coverage, use router amplifiers.

1) Refinement of antennas

There are many ways to create or modify a wifi antenna on the Internet. Ordinary cans or foil are used to make the antenna omnidirectional. But for the desired effect, it is necessary to observe the correct design.

2) Installing a wifi repeater

The most effective tool to create full coverage of the required area. Its essence is that it connects to your coverage and repeats the distribution of the Internet as much as its antennas allow. These devices are not expensive and you can buy a wifi repeater at any online store.

3) Connecting a USB adapter and creating an antenna

All you need to do is buy a USB adapter and connect it to the device. If he has a weak reception, then you can upgrade his "antennae". To do this, we take the scheme for creating a "figure-eight" antenna, which we will connect to the adapter. If you are in the private sector, then in this way you can easily catch a neighbor's Wi-Fi and use it a little


All modern devices today have sufficient floor space so that you can safely enjoy your favorite movies anywhere in the house. The most common mistake due to which the quality of the Internet degrades is the wrong position of the router. By eliminating it, you will get sufficient speed for comfortable work with laptops or tablets in your home.