Ultra-thin grass condoms developed

Scientists at the University of Queensland, Australia, have partnered with local aborigines to extract a special material from grass - nanocellulose - to add to latex and create ultra-thin condoms no thicker than a human hair.

As reported by Phys. org, open nanocellulose (spinifex nanocellulose), according to scientists, is the "Holy Grail" in latex production. “We tested our latex in a US factory for elasticity and strength. The machine inflates condoms by measuring volume and pressure. As a result, we got a 20% increase in pressure and 40% increase in volume compared to conventional commercial latex used in the manufacture of contraceptives, ”explained Professor Darren Martin of the Australian Institute of Bioengineering and Nanotechnology (AIBN).

According to the scientist, with the help of nanocellulose, condoms can be made 30% thinner than those currently produced. As a result, in terms of thickness, they will not be more than a human hair, and in terms of strength they will not be inferior to analogs from ordinary latex. According to Darren Martin, it has already been possible to obtain a sample of the product with a thickness of 45 microns (0.045 mm). The average hair thickness is 75 microns. According to scientists, they do not intend to limit themselves to the contraceptive market. Herbal cellulose can also be used, for example, to release thin and delicate surgical gloves.