What happens if you stop using social media

Social media can be a good tool for keeping in touch with old friends and finding new ones. Unfortunately, not everyone uses it for these purposes. For many, checking a social network has become almost a job. They flip through the news feed, like, write messages and are terrified of missing out on anything. They play all games and participate in all polls. Is it about you or someone you know? And if so, then it's time to change something. Here are 10 things that will happen to you when you stop checking social media feeds.

1. Your brain will become less dead.

One could of course write that he would become alive, but this is far from it. Once you are hooked on social networks, the brain dies and it takes much more to reanimate it than giving up the addiction. When you bury yourself in the screen, constantly checking your VKontakte and / or Facebook feed, you do not pay attention to the world around you. Your pets may be hungry or need to go outside, but you will only do this after checking all social media. When you walk, visit interesting places, but constantly do something on your phone, you actually stay where you first looked at the screen. If so, then you are probably still at home. When you "quit" the social network, you raise your head and start looking at what is happening around you. For your hungry pets or your friends who want to communicate with you in the real world, this will be a real gift.

2. You will do more.

Social media has become the biggest enemy of our productivity. After all, nothing will happen if you check the feed on VKontakte, Facebook or other social networks. A few minutes turn into a quarter of an hour before you finally realize that you have lost 30 minutes of your life. Thanks to smartphones and improved mobile data speeds, you can check the social network anywhere, including at work. When you stop checking the feed, you need something else to just avoid boredom, and that usually means doing your actual work, which is not nearly as enjoyable as watching pictures and reading jokes. If you really break this habit, your productivity will increase.

3. You can focus on other things.

Facebook, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte take a lot of time. You can waste an insane amount of time just looking for updates. Losing constant control over the update of the feed means that you will have a huge amount of free time. This is the time you can spend on really useful things. You can spend more time with your significant other and make your relationship stronger. You can spend more time with your friends and forget about all the problems. You can go to the gym and lose a few pounds, get yourself back in shape and get a boost you never get on social media. The possibilities are endless because you will be spending your time doing what you really want to do.

4. You can find out who your real friends are.

It's good to be online friends, it's very easy. Like people's posts and comment on their photos is quite simple. Someone who comments on all your photos and likes all your posts spends 45 seconds doing this, but you are sure that these are the people who are interested in you. As soon as you leave the social network, many of them will disappear from your design. The people who want to see you in real life are the very people who need you. If you finally log out of social media, you will immediately find these people.

5. You will find out that the word "like" has no meaning.

Likes are no longer an actual expression of sympathy, it is already a fact. This is a required step to show that you have seen the post and acknowledge its existence. Some people just need to see them. When you log out of VKontakte, you will realize how useless the "I like" button is, and how few people actually care about the things they "like".

6. You will feel more experienced.

The peculiarity of social networks is that they never give you the opportunity to finish something. They create a feeling of something big, a feeling of "something unfinished" and for the whole day these emotions can simply drain you. How to solve a problem? Do something useful outside of the social network. You can finish reading the book. You can wash the dishes. Basically, any task in the real world is achievable if you just do it. People love to feel satisfied, don't take that feeling away from yourself. Exit VKontakte and finish something.

7. You will get rid of annoying admirers.

Almost everyone who uses Facebook and VKontakte has people who track their lives by their online activity. This is especially true if you are a woman. They look at your photos, your updates, and do it all without your permission. The guys will look at your photos in order to ... I will not say anything ... Even if they do not see you, they see who you are communicating with. Thanks to the check-in, they now know where you are. If you "quit" Facebook (where it is most popular), you will become invulnerable to such people.

8. Your opinion of yourself will change significantly for the better.

Research has proven that social media makes you feel bad about yourself. There are several reasons for this. When you change your status and no one likes it, you feel like everyone thinks you are stupid. When you post photos and people of the opposite sex don't comment on how good you look, you feel ugly. You constantly bump into people on their wall who are happier than you, more successful than you, and who have stronger relationships than you. How can this not make you feel flawed or extremely depressed? Do you want to rid yourself of this? An easy way to do this is to log out once and for all.

9. You will look at what you have and this will be enough for you.

Reuters reporter Belinda Goldsmith published part of a study in Germany about how people feel on Facebook. The research results show that people "thanks" to social media have become more jealous, insecure and envious. Someone's new phone, car, house, or something else, it all evokes emotion. Some people get jealous when they see people around them in a happy relationship, be they friends, lovers, or married couples. The social network is a great place to brag about what you have, which means it is the perfect place to read about things that other people have and that you don't.

10. You will understand that most of what you did on the social network was aimed at increasing someone's income.

I have no doubt that there are people on social media who really love you. However, I also have no doubt that there are several times more people who do not care about you, or rather, they just do not care. For Mark Zuckerberg, you are a figure in his giant database that will be expanded and exploited. Your job is to view advertisements, spend money on games, and make the rich even richer. What is happening to you, in fact, does not bother anyone on the Internet, and even more so on a social network. Imagine that the social network to which you devote so much of your time is your loved one. You waste time and money, but he doesn't care. Do you want to be with him further? Then you are sick.

Over the past 10 years, we have all forgotten about the reason why all these social networks were created. We turned the social network into a kind of work and even agree to spend our money without getting anything in return. Think at your leisure ...