10 sexiest female body parts according to men

Sadly, most women suffer from body insecurity because they do not have accurate information about what men pay attention to in the first place. Yes, it's true - initially all men choose their partners based on a superficial assessment, which includes only a scale of external attractiveness. But even in this grading system, there is something that they pay primary attention to, and what they look at at the very end.

Historically, a narrow waist, wide hips, full lips, and shiny hair indicate a woman's fertility. But in our time, it became possible to learn in more detail all the stages of study and assessment that men subject women to when they first meet. It is generally known that men are most attracted to breasts, but after a number of studies it turned out that not with a single breast can attract a potential partner. Our list of the sexiest body parts from a male point of view includes weird and unexpected options. You can familiarize yourself with them below.

10. Legs

Legs are unlikely to be the first thing that comes to your mind when asked to list sexy body parts. Nevertheless, many men are ready to endlessly enjoy the look of female legs, especially if they are in heels and their nails are painted in a cute and lively color. Small and thin ankles are also desirable. This combination visually makes women's legs much smaller than men's, which attracts special attention of the opposite sex.

9. Back

Ironically, the back is probably one of the least popular body parts that women would describe as sexy for men. However, they are wrong, it is enough to remember how often naked women's backs flash during "hot" photo shoots, and dresses with a cutout on the back can turn the head of more than one man. Stretching and arching your back will sweat out almost everyone of the opposite sex. Additional sexuality will be added by a tattoo near the shoulder or lower back.

8. Belly

All men love fit women, and the belly is one of those body parts that shouldn't be let loose. In almost every poll, the female belly was in the lead. According to most of the respondents, they are pleased to see a toned belly, but not devoid of roundness, in other words, the share of femininity will not hurt, so you should not get too carried away with drying the body.

7. Hair

Hair often serves as a symbol that distinguishes women from men, so it should come as no surprise that hair is also considered one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body. Someone loves brunettes, someone - blondes, but most, one way or another, are attracted by long soft hair. There are, of course, extreme lovers who prefer ladies with short hair, but this is rather the exception than the rule.

6. Hips

There is nothing sexier than a girl swinging her hips who seems to be saying, "I know how to move to blow your mind." According to surveys, men prefer women with rounder hips. So do not hesitate, show off the charm of your figure and enjoy the results!

5. Smile

In fact, a smile is a powerful weapon! Few can resist the sight of a charmingly smiling woman. The men interviewed said that smiling so affects them for the reason that it makes it clear that the woman next to them is happy, and as we know, men love to be loved.

4. Lips

Full lips can often attract men's attention, but don't go overboard with bright and dark lipstick tones that will distract attention from other important parts of your face.

3. Chest

So we got to the most obvious parts of the body. A deep neckline can make a man fork out and spend a little more on a lady's treat than originally planned. It so happened that most women with large breasts love to expose it to the public, and it is unlikely that the men around them have complained about this at least once. But if nature has not rewarded you with an impressive bust, do not be discouraged and concentrate on our number 2.

2. Buttocks

Excellent buttocks more than compensate for the modest size of the chest. More often than not, this is just a matter of men's personal preferences: many prefer large breasts, while others are greedy for the buttocks. According to surveys, the preferences of men here are so diverse that any woman can find a partner who will appreciate her forms at their true worth.

1. Eyes

Men love to surprise! Oddly enough, women's eyes are on the first place on our list. According to polls, no matter what forms you have, everything can be decided only by a sexual look.