Futurological forecast of technology development

There is one great book by renowned futurist and inventor Raymond Kurzweil called "The Singularity Is Coming." It should be noted, despite the name, a very solid reading matter. The author looks to the future with his inherent optimism, releasing time until 2099 to humanity in its present form.

Then there will come the final and irrevocable death of our biological species, which will be replaced by a new form of intelligent life. Considering the pace at which today's science and technology are developing, I dare to assume that the author's predictions do not seem so fantastic. If the history of civilization continues to go on without global force majeure, then with a high degree of probability, the futurological forecast presented below should come true.


The computer in the usual sense disappears. Fundamentally new form factors are ubiquitous tiny devices that can be mounted in furniture, sewn into clothes, and the like.


The memory of a computer is comparable to that of the human brain. This is a fairly average computer, the cost of which is about a thousand dollars.


United world economic government.


Military aircraft and ground vehicles are controlled by computers.


"Flying Car" - personal air transport is becoming a reality.


Medical nanorobots, capable of directly attacking pathogens of infectious diseases, finally eliminate the threat of epidemics and bioterrorism. The computer passes the Turing test (a procedure proposed by the English logician Alan Turing in 1950 and indirectly proving the inability of the machine to think).


"Downloading consciousness": a detailed scan of the brain makes it possible to computer emulate all processes in the head of a living person. Everyone's personal experience is recorded on one or another medium or broadcasted in real time over wireless networks. Nanorobots implanted in the brain interact with its cells, controlling all signals of the central nervous system. As a result, the effect of three-dimensional virtual reality is achieved without connecting peripheral equipment. Nanotechnology makes it possible to correct the connections between neurons. A person can arbitrarily change his personality by manipulating memory, abilities, emotions and will. The share of virtual pornography in world GDP is increasing from 0.5% to 10%.


"Singularity": realizing its superiority over man, a new form of life - artificial intelligence - reproduces itself without its control and strives for planetary domination. The scenario of the extermination of the species Homo sapiens by robots known from science fiction will not be realized due to the absence of clear boundaries between man and machine: machines are incorporated into the human body at the molecular level, human consciousness is loaded into the machine.


"The awakening of the universe". It is no longer possible to create a computer more compact than the machine of the previous generation: the limit of the physically possible has been reached. the more powerful car should now also be larger; any substance is now the raw material for the self-reproduction of machines; planet Earth is becoming a unified supercomputer. The man is dying. Until live a new intelligent life form - a symbiosis of man and artificial intelligence, which begins to colonize space.