Helpful Hints to Save Your Life (Important)

Useful tips to help save your life and just important things worth remembering, so we read, remember and admonish others.

Let's start:

If you need help, ask

Don't confuse stupidity and audacity. If you need help, don't be afraid to ask for it.

Try to avoid uninhabited places

Whenever you need to walk through a deserted street, bring some self-defense equipment (such as a gas can) and make sure there are people who know where you are. Remember, the last thing criminals need is witnesses. Therefore, uninhabited places that may at first glance seem calm and quiet are ideal for them. Be sure to avoid the quiet and deserted streets when walking alone.

Do not flaunt your wealth

Of course, you deserve to use your honestly earned savings, and you really want to show them off. But, before doing this - think carefully. After all, flaunting your worth - you yourself are asking for trouble. Try to respect those less fortunate and not draw too much attention to yourself.

Fight or run? Your choice ...

Often it is the choice of a person that influences his future destiny. When faced with danger, it seems that there are no more options. An adrenaline rush gives you confidence that your strength has no boundaries. But, even if you have a black belt in wrestling, you can lose the battle, because the effect of surprise introduces you into a state of confusion and instantly disarms you. Therefore, you should not be in vain to show your heroism. If the situation calls you to flee - save yourself!

Do not drink alcohol in hazardous locations

If you feel safe, then it’s okay that you relax a little or allow yourself to drink too much. But it is better to abstain from alcohol in the event that you are in an unfamiliar space.

Get a dog

It is not at all necessary to have a huge and angry dog. If you love animals and can afford it - feel free to start even the smallest dog. After all, most of them have excellent hearing. And when they hear something, they will instantly notify you, warn your neighbors, and scare off intruders.

Try to avoid routine

Your habits are easy for attackers to learn if your daily schedule is similar. For example, when you dine at the same time in the same cafe, drive the same route every day - you immediately turn into a potential victim. Try to change your habits.

Protect your personal data

Currently, there are many scammers who extract information via the Internet, fish it out over the phone, or even during personal meetings, so that they can then rob you to the bone. Do not trust strangers with information such as name, address, credit card details and more, this will save you from intruders.

If you are being watched, take action

To check if you are really being followed, try crossing the street. You can repeat this several times if necessary. As soon as you are convinced that you are being persecuted, call the police and try to quickly find a crowded place.

Share your location

Be sure to tell someone you know where you are going if you go out at night and live on your own. In this case, you will be sure that if problems suddenly arise, they know you where to look. A warning like this doesn't take too much effort, but it can keep you safe.

Don't be adventurous

If you like to return home drunk along deserted alleys, and when you hear footsteps behind you, turn around and bully, then no advice will help you. First of all, you yourself must be careful.

Be sure to close the door

Leaving home for just a couple of minutes doesn't mean leaving the front door open. After all, even in this short time, a lot can happen. Make sure that your front door is always closed.

Develop a strategy

Have you ever thought about how you will act on the night road when faced with unknown persons? And if there is a fire, what do you bring with you first? Think about how you will try to avoid the situation or how you will act in it by running through several such scenarios in your head. And then, if suddenly in life you happen to encounter them, you will already at least have minimal training.

Be prepared for unexpected events

Most misfortunes happen through delusions, like "this won't happen to me." Believe me, everything is possible in life, so there is nothing that can not happen to you. Remember what is the worst thing for a person who is in a panic or in a state of shock. Therefore, you should think about everything in advance, and be prepared for a variety of situations. Here are some basic ways to prepare yourself: keep your phone charged at all times, write down emergency numbers, store some money in a hidden place, and the like. This will help you to think more soberly in case of danger.

Practice the martial arts

In order for you to be always ready for self-defense, it is worth studying martial arts. Even if such skills are never useful to you, they will not be superfluous either. Attack your weakest spots - nose, eyes, throat, groin, solar plexus, knees, and so on. Hitting one of these areas will help you instantly neutralize your opponent. And what's more, fighting sports is not only a way of self-defense, but also health benefits, fun, and new acquaintances ...

Seek escape routes

In order to calmly, in case of danger, leave the room in which you are, it is worthwhile to study it in advance. When you head to a movie theater, nightclub, restaurant, shopping mall, etc. - be sure to find out where the emergency exit is.

Purchase a gas canister

The cheapest, most popular, and easy-to-use self-defense method today is a gas canister.

Caution at night comes in handy

Darkness is the companion of trouble. Do not walk on deserted and dark streets at night, especially alone. If you are in a car, then do not stop in such places. Avoid suspicious streets.

Strangers shouldn't be trusted

Discretion will never harm you. Therefore, if a plumber comes to you who wants to check the pipes in your house, then first you need to check his documents. Sadly, you shouldn't trust strangers. Better to reinsure yourself than to be in danger later.

Trust your intuition

If you think there is a catch, or you feel that something was wrong, then listen to your intuition. Very often, our subconscious mind tries to warn us about the danger. The main thing is to hear it.