16 interesting facts about human behavior

Human behavior is sometimes unpredictable, but psychologists have tried to systematize their observations of human behavior and presented us with their conclusions.

1. People who have a very large amount of testosterone in their bodies always get pleasure when their interlocutor is angry.

2. Uneducated and insecure people are more prone to tyranny than others. The study found that most people with low IQs are supporters of some kind of religious organization, and people with high IQs were less dependent on public opinion.

3. People who showed a low IQ test really like to humiliate their peers, because it understands them to restore their self-esteem, and raise their mood. With all this, they unanimously assured the researchers that they humiliate other people in order to raise their spirits.

4. When experienced personnel officers select personnel, they recognize a stable, intelligent and responsible person by the folder in which he carries his resume. If a person brought a resume in a simple folder or without it (which indicates his lack of assembly), then such a candidate is perceived as irresponsible, since he did not take care of the safety of his resume. And if a person has an expensive and heavy folder, then such a candidate can rightfully occupy serious positions.

5. Most people all over the world have a groupthink, and if they have to commit a moral act in front of other people, they will kindly respond to the problem of another person, including a request to donate a certain amount of money. But, when most of these people find themselves alone or in the company of their acquaintances, they would never have come up with the idea to go and do the same kind deed.

6. Researchers have made an amazing discovery. When a person has something to hide from others, he begins to lie. To lie, you need to do a very difficult job for an ordinary person - you need to keep two thoughts in your head at the same time. First thought: what to say to deceive another person, and he believed you. And the second thought: how to do so as to hide the truth from others, so that no one suspects. But when a person does not know how to lie, this is reflected in his behavior: suddenly for everyone he becomes less intelligent than before; the liar utters the simplest words and stutters constantly.

7. People who are being watched try to behave better than they would in front of those closest to them. For example, in a public dining room, many people would not clean up their dishes if they were alone in the room. Usually, such people have thoughts of quietly leaving the canteen, leaving the canteen workers to clean up the dishes after them.

8. A person who repeatedly commits immoral acts, without a twinge of conscience, is already able to believe that he is always doing the right thing. Such a person unconsciously begins to rejoice at his success, deceive others, no longer noticing that he considers bad deeds to be good.

9. Appearance is deceiving. Groupthink people in most cases trust those people who have an attractive and presentable appearance. Even professional psychologists in 85% of cases believed lying people with sincere demeanors.

10. Even when choosing politicians, an ordinary person tends to rely only on the candidate's appearance: on his physical attractiveness, clothes, maturity of the face. Making your choice and inferences about your voter unconsciously.

11. Most ordinary people believe it is true that all successful people are thieves. And all poor people are honest. Unfortunately, such people sincerely believe in the saying: "where it is good, we are not there."

12. Modern young people, and girls in particular, tend to look more and more harsh in the eyes of society, because harshness in their eyes is power and authority. If they are afraid of you, then they respect you. But before, everything was completely different.

13. The life of a modern person is impossible without problems. But most people are simply not able to solve their own global issues, for example, those related to moving to a permanent place of residence abroad. And if such a person has a desire to go to the store for a specific purchase and he sees a product on the window that is better than the one he originally wanted to buy, then eventually he will leave the store without buying anything. And the reason for this strange behavior is not the ability to control oneself and make informed decisions.

14. If a person feels that it is difficult for him to control everything that happens, then such a person is inclined to believe in conspiracy theories and in magic spells. It can even be safely assumed that his schizophrenia is beginning to worsen.

15. People can perceive all risks in different ways. For example, a certain Ivan is able to jump with a parachute, but at the same time, Ivan is not able to argue with his boss, even if the boss's decision seems absurd to him. Ivan can be a talented tiger trainer, but at the same time hesitate to meet a woman he loves.

16. Boredom is sometimes useful. Most bored people are more likely than others to try to find an opportunity to do as many good deeds as possible, because such people are very tired of entertainment that did not bring meaning to their lives.