Why it is impossible to celebrate 40 years

For many, sooner or later the question is raised why it is impossible to celebrate 40 years. In this article, Fantail wants to collect the most interesting facts on this issue and try to illuminate it from different angles.

Even those who do not like to celebrate holidays do not bypass anniversaries. For some, this is necessarily a big and noisy event, for others it is just an excuse to meet friends and arrange a pleasant evening. But, having gathered to celebrate 40 years, the birthday person sometimes encounters surprise, misunderstanding, and sometimes condemnation from friends, acquaintances and relatives.

What is this date that you need to forget about? Is it worth believing the prejudices and do they have a real, reasonably substantiated background? Or maybe these are just superstitions, stupid and without foundation?

Why forty years are not celebrated

Let's start with the fact that this is precisely superstition. Is it stupid or not, it is up to each person individually, since everyone treats such beliefs differently. Someone is looking for a special meaning in them, someone believes without reasoning, and some cannot be convinced of the veracity of such signs by any arguments.

The bottom line is that superstition does not have any, even an approximate scientific side. Moreover, there is not even a superficial coherent explanation of the reasons why 40 years should not be celebrated.

Belief is connected only with esotericism and with religion, although also superficially - rather, these are attempts to explain where the prohibition comes from. So, the existing explanations why 40 years are not celebrated:

- The number four in tarot divination is a sign of death. And 40 for the same cards is actually no different from the four. Some people cite this as an example, although such an argument does not stand up to criticism. How then to be happy with the birthday of a child of 4 years old? He should be treated even more wary. And on your 44th birthday? In a word, there is an explanation, there is no logic.

- Most often, the value of the figure 40 in religion is given. 40 days from the date of death, as it is believed, the soul is on Earth, and only then flies away. 40 years of the Great Flood; 40 days of Jesus' life before the ascension after he was resurrected; 40 years of the life of the people in the wilderness, through which Moses led them. For the same number of days, according to legend, it is impossible to show the baby to friends, neighbors and strangers. Supporters of this argument believe that the fortieth anniversary is a date from the same topic. This explanation is also not entirely clear, since the number even for the listed events does not have an obvious negative connotation. In addition, the number 9 is no less significant, but for some reason there are no complaints about it.

- There is one more explanation why the 40th anniversary is not celebrated, which is based on historical postulates. It says that in ancient times people barely lived to be 40-50 years old, and this age was considered old. Allegedly, in this regard, celebrating such dates was dangerous from the point of view of superstition. Such a celebration was considered to draw attention to one's old age, to the fact that life would soon end.

- The most reasonable of all the existing explanations is that in ancient times this age (again due to the magical meaning of the number 40) was considered a time of rethinking life as a result of the transition of the soul to a new state. There is even a belief that at the age of 40 the guardian angel leaves a person, because by this time he should have his own life wisdom. Such an event is too "adult", a person is busy not with celebration, but with reflection and self-improvement. At least there are no contradictions in this argument. But there is also no evidence that jubilee celebrations can bring trouble.

In the meantime, they are used to associating this holiday with misfortunes, and the most diverse both in significance and in meaning. Someone's finger was pinched, someone's wife left, and someone was hit by a car. In fact, something can happen for every person, including after any birthday. But belief is a terrible force that takes possession of thoughts ...

Male prejudices

Men, if you follow the belief, are just at risk. First of all, the omen refers specifically to them. Why this happened is unknown. Usually, such “discrimination” is associated with the fact that a woman was previously supposedly considered inferior to her husband and was simply not taken into account.

Therefore, if you are a man, and are going to celebrate your 40th anniversary, wait for early increased attention! There is more than one person who considers it his duty to ask in surprise if men are 40 years old, to warn about the danger, and maybe to dissuade them from an unreasonable act. Whether to follow the advice is up to you.

By the way, despite the fact that 40 days is often associated with religion, the church does not say anything that the fortieth anniversary is a forbidden holiday.

On the contrary, if you ask a priest about how justified such fears are, most likely, he will answer you that these are fictions "from the evil one." At the very least, he will say that there is nothing wrong with celebrating such an anniversary. If his word is meaningful to you, do so - visit him. And it will become easier on the soul, and it will be possible to celebrate without unnecessary worries, and there will be something to respond to those experts in beliefs who decide to once again warn about future misfortunes ...

Women's reasoning

As mentioned above, this superstition initially had nothing to do with women. Only in recent years, for some unknown reason, equality has appeared in the ban on the 40th anniversary. Therefore, it makes no sense for ladies to think about beliefs of this kind.

And yet this holiday carries some danger. It lies in self-hypnosis, which is caused by conversations and one's own thoughts about whether a woman can celebrate forty years and what misfortunes are hidden behind it. And this applies to both women and men. Such feelings are based on fears that haunt us, which may be unconscious.

For example, you didn’t know that many are worried about whether women are 40 years old, but you were so thoroughly "brainwashed" that a bad feeling crept into your soul, and you are already subconsciously expecting a negative. And what are we waiting for, then it can happen if supported by strong emotions. As the saying goes, what you are afraid is what happens ... What to do with it?

We celebrate without fear! (?)

Ladies should not even think about whether women celebrate 40 years old - get rid of the thoughts of the bad from your head, because superstition, as already mentioned, does not apply to you.

How can a woman celebrate forty years?

First of all, you need to find people who do not believe in such predictions in the least and talk to them. They will "turn" thoughts in the other direction.

Secondly, if you are a believer, you must understand that any superstition is characterized by religion as a sin. You can, as described above, go to church.

Thirdly, one should sit and reflect, realize that there is no rational explanation for this belief.

How to celebrate 40 years for a man? Men often have less faith in omens. But the impossibility of holding the holiday can be insisted by a wife or mother, as well as simply psychologically pushing the stories of friends. What if you want to celebrate, but doubts tortured?

It turns out that people not only came up with a belief in the mysticism of the fortieth birthday, but also know how to avoid the terrible punishment for violating the ban. Perhaps one or more of these options will suit you:

- Celebrate only at home. Allegedly, the native energy will not allow misfortune to happen. Invite only the closest and dearest people.

- Celebrate not on the day of the fortieth birthday, but on the day 40 + 1 day, 40 + 1 week, and so on.

- To mark “39 years and one year”, “leaving the 39th year”, “fifth decade”.

If the main question for you is “is it possible to celebrate 40 years?”, Then listen to your inner feelings.

If you are tortured by signs and cats are scratching your soul, skip this birthday! By the way, it is not forbidden to receive gifts ...

And if you don't care about superstitions, then why listen to them? After them, problems begin only for those who prefer to believe in the truthfulness of horror stories ...

Where could the belief that it is impossible to celebrate the 40th birthday come from?

The number 40 is associated with many important events for Christians:

- The Flood lasted 40 days;

- For 40 years the Jewish people were forced to wander in the desert before they found their happiness in the Promised Land;

40 days after his death, Jesus ascended to heaven;

- For 40 days after his baptism, Jesus was in the wilderness, subjected to temptations and various temptations of the devil.

In this regard, in the popular consciousness it could be postponed that the figure 40 is associated with death and suffering. And therefore, it is better not to celebrate this particular date in the series of your own birthdays.

Some especially superstitious people point out that the point is in the very word "forty". They break it into two parts: "rubbish" and "rock", which, in their opinion, can be interpreted as "dirty fate". If we develop this thought, it turns out that those who celebrate their 40th anniversary are happy with their unhappy future.