10 facts about strawberries

Delicious, sweet, rich red, with a mild sourness, strawberries are among the most popular berries.

1. It all started with pineapple strawberries. In 1712, the Frenchman Frezier brought home 5 bushes of Chilean strawberries that struck him with large and fragrant fruits. But all the plants turned out to be female, and Ferrier would not have seen fruits if by chance the Chilean strawberries were not pollinated by the Virginia ones. It was from this pollination that the modern representatives of the pineapple strawberry arose, which we often call strawberries. Now in the world there are more than three hundred varieties of strawberries.

2. One of the oldest varieties of garden strawberries brought to Russia was Victoria. Now garden strawberries are generally called Victoria in many places. Sometimes garden strawberries are called strawberries, but this is not correct. Strawberries are independent plants. The British call strawberries and strawberries straw berries, as they lay straw under the bushes so that the berries do not get dirty.

3. Egorka stands in a red yarmulke, whoever does not pass - everyone bows down. These are strawberries. They say that sometimes up to 800 kg per hectare was harvested in felling areas.

4. The largest berry was picked in 1983 in Rolkestone, Kent, USA. Its weight was 231 grams. True, the berry was watery and sour in taste.

5. Strawberry and strawberry juice is a real stain remover for age spots. It can whiten the skin.

6. Strawberries help with headaches, because they contain substances close to the composition of aspirin.

7. Strawberries contain copper, which stimulates collagen production. Instead of buying an expensive cream, it is better to make a mask or two from strawberries. The effect will be the same, but with the money saved it is better to buy a couple of buckets of strawberries.

8. In Hollywood, many are on the strawberry diet. The results are impressive: minus 2.5 kilos in 4 days. Victoria Beckham eats only strawberries three days a month.

9. Strawberries go well not only with cream, but also with seafood, poultry and cheeses. It can be cooked with cucumber and green onions, butter, and pine nuts. One of the most delicious dishes is strawberries fried in butter with black pepper.

10. The most expensive strawberries can be tasted at the Arnaud's restaurant in New Orleans, however, if you have an extra $ 1.4 million. Arnaud's strawberries are served with cream and decorated with mint leaves and a ring with an almost 5-carat pink diamond.