Seven differences between men and women

The differences between men and women are fundamental. There are gender characteristics at the level of behavioral responses, at the physiological and even neural levels.


Danish scientist Bert Pakkenberg found that there are four million more cells in the male brain, but according to tests, women perform 3% better than men. It turns out that this is the fault of the so-called corpus callosum, which serves as a kind of "cable" between the right and left hemispheres of the brain. In women, this body is thicker than in men, and there are 30% more joints in it.

The brain of men is specialized and divided into specific departments. Due to the fewer connections between the hemispheres, a man can only do one thing efficiently, fully focusing on him. Let's remind: he is a warrior and a hunter. He chases game or fights. A woman can do many things at home, such as cooking, babysitting, looking after relatives, and knitting.

Because of the additional connections in the brain, girls can actually drive and talk at the same time, while most men, focusing on driving, turn down the radio and ask passengers to shut up. And it is better not to contradict them at this moment.

If a man reads, he hears almost nothing. And if you talk to him while he shaves, the likelihood that he will cut himself increases dramatically.

Even men and women sleep in different ways: in men, the electrical activity of the brain in a dream drops by 70% (he is a hunter and, having come home, should have a proper rest), and in women - only by 10%, because she always “guards »Home and children.


Men in the left hemisphere have a center responsible for speech, and if a man is injured in this hemisphere, he loses his speech and stops "seeing" drawings "in three-dimensional space. In women, two centers are responsible for speech: more - in the left hemisphere, smaller - in the right. To go numb, she needs to be seriously injured in both hemispheres of the brain. An injured left hemisphere will not prevent the average woman from reading blueprints. True, they see them differently: flat.

The speech of men is distinguished by an abundance of terms and a rich vocabulary, while women in speech rely on intonation and emotions. Building relationships by talking is a purely female prerogative, which is why they make excellent lawyers, teachers and educators. A woman can easily pronounce up to 8, 000 words a day, use up to 3, 000 sounds and up to 10, 000 non-verbal signals. A man utters up to 4000 words a day, makes up to 2000 sounds and makes up to 3000 gestures. The woman speaks with the interlocutor. A man is more often with himself. And at this time he is silent.

Orientation in space

The weak point of most women is spatial orientation. Tests by Asian scientists using labyrinths showed that men - 92% of successful solutions, and women - only 8%! 82% of men can park a car parallel and close to the sidewalk, including 71% on the first try. In women, the result is deplorable. Only 22% can do it, and even then two-thirds of them will not do it on the first try.

Serious problems in women and with geographical maps. In 1998, for the sake of experiment, the British issued a map of England with two sheets. One had a standard card, the other had an upside-down image. The map was bought by 15, 000 women who liked not having to turn the map over in their minds when traveling south. By the way, there are women who lack one of the X chromosomes. They are generally unable to drive a car, so they have problems with spatial orientation.


The retina of the human eye contains nearly seven million “cone” receptors that are responsible for the perception of color. The X chromosome is responsible for their action. Women have two of them, and the color palette they perceive is wider.

In conversation, they operate with shades: "aqua", "sandy", "light coffee". Men talk about fundamental colors: red, white, blue. True, this does not explain why there are so few women who are brilliant artists. Women have developed peripheral vision. In some of them, it reaches 180º, and that is why women rarely miss side impacts while driving a car and can, without turning their heads, “count” a rival or follow a child.

The man's brain provides tunnel vision, he "leads" the target, sees only what is in front of him, and is not distracted by trifles. It is because of the narrow field of view that men often become victims of road accidents, and at home they cannot find oil in the refrigerator. But they see better at night and more accurately determine the distance to objects.


Women are better at distinguishing high-frequency sounds. A one-week-old girl can already distinguish the sound of the mother's voice and hears when another baby is crying. Boys don't need that. Women are better at recognizing changes in tone than men, and therefore know perfectly well when men are lying. Men, on the other hand, specialize in the sounds of the wild (this skill is not so necessary in the city) and perfectly “hear” the direction. If the woman first hears the meow of the kitten, then it is the man who will indicate where to look for him.


A woman's skin is 10 times more sensitive than a man's. Studies by British scientists have shown that even the most sensitive man in this sense does not reach the most insensitive woman. But men's skin is thicker than women's, and therefore men have fewer wrinkles. On the back of an adult male, the skin is four times thicker than on the belly. And if a man is busy, then the sensitivity of the skin drops even more, and he almost does not feel pain.

Taste and Smell

Men feel bitter and salty better. It is with this that they associate the fact that they love beer. Women, as fruit gatherers, are more sensitive to sweets. This explains the fact that most chocolate lovers are women.

In terms of smell, women have no equal. A woman's nose can catch not only the smell of burning, threatening the house, but also the smell of pheromones, which cannot be done deliberately. Moreover, a woman's brain is able to "read" a man's smell and decipher it, determining how strong his immunity is. Scientists believe that in most cases, no more than three seconds is enough for a woman.

If a woman's own immune system is weaker, she will find a man sexually attractive.