Can you tan through glass? (Interesting fact)

Can you tan through glass? - an interesting fact, I think it will be interesting to many, since we need a tan in order not to get burned from the sun in the future. More precisely, to reduce the likelihood of its occurrence. It is a special pigment produced in the skin by exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet rays). This part of the solar spectrum is intensely reflected by this pigment.

Ordinary window glass prevents ultraviolet rays from passing through. Therefore, the light of the sun passing through the glass does not entail a tan. If we talk about glasses, then you can do it through quartz glass. It is transparent for ultraviolet radiation.

The production of melanin or simply the acquisition of tanning is caused only by those rays that lie in a very narrow frequency range. If the range is different, there will be no tan.

Ordinary glass transmits only soft ultraviolet light - UV-A (from 315 to 400 nm). In this case, you will have to sunbathe hundreds of times longer than in direct sunlight.