Maslenitsa. Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts related to Shrovetide and its providence:

1. Pancakes - a symbol of the sun

If you can still imagine the New Year without Olivier, then Maslenitsa without pancakes is simply unheard of indecency! Many many years ago, when our ancestors, pagan Slavs, invented a reason to celebrate all week, this wonderful, and most importantly, delicious custom of baking pancakes was born.

Shrovetide was originally a celebration of fertility and wealth. Pancake is a symbol of the sun. Shrovetide - the cult of the sun; by baking pancakes, people were inviting prosperity and harvest. Now, when this holiday has turned, rather, into forgiveness for winter and welcome to spring, the symbol of the sun is still relevant. Do not forget to share your sun with the people you love.

2. The first pancake is lumpy

Most likely, you do not guess that Maslenitsa began to be called that way only from the 16th century. Prior to this, the pagan Slavs celebrated Komoeditsa. The Slavs celebrated the power of the day over the night. As you may have guessed, Komoeditsa was the day of the vernal equinox.

But I want to surprise you with this - the Slavs called the bear god Lump. In Russia, bears were called lumps, and it was they who were brought pancake gifts on that day. So, the first pancake comAm, friends, was not at all interpreted in the original sense, as they interpret it now, scraping the failed dough from the pan :)

3. Why "eat to the point of hiccups, drink to dandruff, sing until you die, dance until you drop"?

As you can imagine, our brother will always have a reason to have fun and an excuse - why it was so worth the fun. It has long been believed that during Shrovetide week it is necessary to spend the winter noisily so that spring confidently takes over. It is necessary to rejoice from the bottom of our hearts so that the year will be successful and "fruitful".

By the way, children need to sleep more on Shrovetide - to grow well. It is believed that the more pancakes you eat at Shrovetide, the more chances you have to live this year happily.

4. Cooking Secrets

The recipe for pancakes has always been considered something intimate in Russia, which was not worth talking about. No soul should have known how the hostess baked her pancakes. It was believed that by telling about her culinary secrets, the young lady risked the well-being of her home.

Many hostesses treated dough kneading as a special sacred ritual. Someone kneaded with the appearance of stars in the sky, someone added snow to the dough, someone pronounced special spells and put the dough on the windowsill under the moon. Try to make a wish too - this is also one of our favorite traditions, the desire to make a wish ...

5. Narrow and Wide Shrovetide?

Pancake week is conventionally divided into two parts. From Monday to Wednesday inclusive - Narrow Pancake Week. During these days it was still allowed to work. And on the rest of the days until Sunday (Wide Maslenitsa), rest and festivities were strongly recommended!