Attack of corpses - a difficult story for the glory of the warriors

Attack of the corpses is a difficult story for the glory of the warriors. During the period of defense, the not very large city of Osovets, located on the terrain of present-day Belarus. The small Russian garrison only needed to hold out for 48 hours. He defended himself for more than half a year - 190 days!

The Germans used all new weapons services, including aviation, against the defenders of strength. Any defender needed a few thousand bombs and shells. Dropped from airplanes and fired from 10 guns of 17 batteries, including 2 great "Great Bertha" (which the Russians managed to knock out with all this).

The Germans bombed the strength day and night. Month after month. The Russians defended themselves in the midst of a hurricane of flame and iron until the final. There were very few of them and the same answer was constantly followed to offers to surrender. In those cases, the Germans deployed against the strength of 30 gas batteries. A 12-meter wave of chemical attack crashed into Russian positions from thousands of cylinders. There were no gas masks.

All living things on the land of strength were poisoned. The grass has turned black and withered too. A thick, poisonous green layer of chlorine oxide coated the iron lobes of the guns and shells. Immediately the Germans began a massive shelling. After him, more than 7, 000 infantrymen moved to storm the Russian positions.

It seemed like a doomed strength was now taken. The dense, innumerable German chains were getting closer and closer ... And at the same time a counterattack collapsed from the poisonous green chlorine mist ... a counterattack! There were a little more than sixty Russians. Remains of the 13th company of the 226th Zemlyansky regiment. For any counterattack, there were more than 100 enemies!

The Russians were in full swing. Into the bayonet. Shaking from a cough, spitting out, through rags wrapped around his face, pieces of light on bloody tunics ...

These fighters plunged the opponent into such a nightmare, in fact, the Germans, not accepting the duel, rushed back. In the bustle of trampling each other, getting confused and hanging on their own barriers of barbed wire. And now, at first glance, dead Russian artillery hit them from the clubs of the poisoned fog.

This fight will go into the situation as an "attack of corpses". In the process, a few 10 half-dead Russian fighters sent 14 battalions of the opponent to flight!

Russian defenders of Osovets did not give up their strength either. She was abandoned later. And by order of the command. How soon the defense lost its sense. Neither cartridge nor nail was left to the enemy. Everything that survived in strength from the German light and bombing was blown up by Russian sappers. The Germans dared to occupy the ruins only a few days later.