20 Differences between the Brain of Men and the Brain of Women (Facts)

20 differences between the brain of men and the brain of women - a selection of facts from life in support.

1. It has long been proven that a woman's brain is 10% smaller than a man's. However, this does not affect the level of intelligence.

2. But the male brain decreases with age faster than the female.

3. To solve the same task, men and women use different parts of the brain.

4. If a man gets lost, he will remember the direction of movement and the distance traveled, and the woman - landmark objects. It's the same when driving: a man remembers the road by the numerical values ​​of the distances, and the woman often remembers all sorts of signs and shop windows. wink

5. A woman often remembers everything in detail; a man needs a summary thought.

6. Men perceive information faster, and therefore react faster. But…

7. Women are more likely to perceive several information streams, and men are irritated when they have to do something "at the same time".

8. Men are stronger in exact sciences, and women are better at humanitarian.

9. Yes, everyone was waiting for this topic, so here you go: men think about sex every minute, and women remember about it once every couple of days. Manic and other extremes don't count

10. Women are more talkative. This sociability is associated with the work of the center of pleasure in the brain. Conversation is like an orgasm.

11. Men and women react differently to harsh and annoying sounds.

12. To establish trust in a woman, a strong hug is enough for 20 seconds.

13. Women use almost three times as many words during the day as men.

14. The female brain heats up more during functioning, because More glucose is "burned".

15. Men and women have different perceptions of humor. Men are more worried about a cheerful ending, while women enjoy the subtlety of humor in general, the language of presentation, and they get even more pleasure from the denouement than men.

16. Women have better organizational skills.

17. Male hearing is weaker than female. Therefore, women hear the subtlest intonations, but men do not always. And in terms of tactile sensations, men lose to women. The vision of men is quite eroticized, while women are better at remembering any details of the picture.

18. Men perceive speech with the help of logic, therefore “they hear exactly what is being said”, and women connect intuition and emotions, so they “see some hints everywhere”.

19. Women are naturally more sociable, men are aggressively competitive. Therefore, men fight more often. For the same reason, women are annoyed by the fact that men cannot maintain a long conversation with them, and the point is, as a rule, that the masculine speech is less developed.

20. If there is a ball on the road, the man will kick it, and the woman will most likely pick it up and press it to her chest. This is how the different natural purpose of men and women is manifested.

And lastly: