Interesting facts about reading and lovers of reading

Interesting facts about reading and about people who loved to read a lot, setting records and more and more goals.

1. M. Gorky read at a speed of four thousand words per minute.

2. Stalin read 400 pages a day, considering this to be his minimum norm.

3. T. Edison read 2-3 lines at once, memorizing the text almost in pages due to maximum concentration.

4. Fast reading results in less eye fatigue than slow reading.

5. 95% of people read very slowly - 180-220 words per minute (1 page for 1.5-2 minutes).

6. The level of comprehension with traditional reading is 60%, with fast reading - 80%.

7. Within an hour, the reader's eyes are fixed on the text for 57 minutes, that is, they are in relative rest.

8. Balzac read a 200-page novel in half an hour.

9. When reading, the eyes of the reader, looking at different letters, transmit a different image, but the brain still combines them into one picture.

10. Someone E. Gaon literally remembered 2500 books he had read.

11. The eyes of a person with average reading skills make 12-16 stops on one line of books, read quickly 2-4 stops.

12. N. A. Rubakin read 250 thousand books.

13. Schoolchildren have 20 regressive movements per line, students - 15.

14. Napoleon read at two thousand words per minute.