Historical anecdote of what happened to King Pedro

Once the following historical anecdote happened to King Pedro, who ruled Spain from 1350 to 1359. Known as "The Cruel, " Pedro loved to seek adventure on the streets of Seville at night.

Once, in a back alley, he started a quarrel with a stranger, challenged him to a duel and killed him. And just before that, the king issued a decree stating that anyone who took part in the duel would be beheaded. Unfortunately for the king, one old woman saw and recognized him.

The next day the officer on duty came to Pedro with a report: "Your Majesty, there was a duel tonight, one of the fighters was killed." "Well, have you found the killer?" "Yes, Your Majesty." “Where is his head? Fulfill the law! " The officer was frightened at first, but found a very ingenious way out - he drew his sword and chopped off his head ... with one of the king's statues.