A short real story about Little Thomas

The boy brought home a note, from which his mother burst into tears, and only decades later could he read it ...

Little Thomas brought a letter to his mother, which the teacher had given for her. Having printed the message, she burst into tears. Apparently, with emotion, because I read the text of the message: “Your boy is too genius for our school. There is no one here to teach him. Therefore, take care of its education yourself. "

Many years later, already an adult man, he was sorting through the family archives preserved after the death of his mother ... And suddenly he came across that very letter. As it turned out, in fact, the paper received by the woman from the teacher read: “Your son is mentally retarded. We can no longer teach him at school with everyone else. We recommend that you do it yourself at home. "

The man's name was Thomas Edison, and by that time he had already become famous for his inventions.