5 interesting stories with moral

5 interesting stories with morality based on life circumstances and events.

1. One day a mouse noticed that the ozyain of the farm had set up a mousetrap. She told a chicken, a sheep and a cow about this. But they all answered: "The mousetrap is your problem, it has nothing to do with us!"

A little later, a snake fell into a mousetrap - and bit the farmer's wife. In an attempt to cure her, they made chicken soup for his wife. Then they slaughtered the sheep to feed everyone who came to visit the sick woman. And finally, they slaughtered the cow to adequately feed the guests at the funeral.

And all this time, the mouse watched what was happening through a hole in the wall and thought about things that had nothing to do with anyone.

Moral: if something does not concern you directly, do not think that something will not hit you in the head.

2. The eagle was sitting in a tree, resting and doing nothing.

The little rabbit saw an eagle and asked:

- Can I also sit like you and do nothing?

“Of course, why not, ” he replied.

The rabbit sat down under a tree and began to rest. Suddenly a fox appeared, grabbed a rabbit and ate it.

Moral of the story: to sit and do nothing, you have to sit very, very high.

3. A horse fell ill on the farm.


“If he doesn't get up in the morning, I'll put him to sleep.

In the morning the horse did not get up. A ram lay next to it:

- Come on, get up or you will die!

The horse stood up.


- It's a miracle! It should be celebrated! On this occasion, we will slaughter a ram!

Moral: never meddle with your own business (but don't forget the mousetrap story).

4. Three people moved stones. One of them was asked:

- What are you doing?

He wiped the sweat from his forehead and replied:

- I'm hunchbacked.

We went to the second and asked:

- What are you doing?

He rolled up his sleeves and said in a businesslike manner:

- I earn money.

They asked the third:

- And what are you doing?

He looked up and said:

- I'm building a temple.

Moral of the story: life is full of meaning only in the one who pursues a great goal.

5. A taxi driver gives a ride to a famous millionaire in the city. He pays exactly according to the counter.

Taxi driver:

- I gave your son a lift yesterday, so he left me $ 100 for tea.

- Well, so what do you want: his dad is a millionaire, and I am an orphan.

Moral: Only those who have earned their own money truly know their value.