Makeup rules - tips from the school of makeup

To look perfect all day long, you need to know a few basic rules. They may differ depending on what type of makeup is provided: daytime, holiday or evening.

Base application

Some girls make the mistake of applying foundation right away. However, so that the tone lays down evenly, lasts throughout the day and does not have a negative effect on the skin, it is necessary to use the so-called base for foundation. This is a base that performs protective functions, evens out the complexion and visually smoothes the skin's relief.

In addition, the absorbent components of the base help reduce sebum production. This prevents the appearance of an oily sheen. To find out in more detail about which one is better to choose a foundation and base, you can read the reviews on the Internet, but it is best to consult with professionals.

To know how to properly apply makeup on your face, you can turn to a makeup artist for help. In this case, a special educational institution can help. You can find out more about this on the Internet. For example, on this page you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with what a make-up school is like or on another resource of your choice.


When applying foundation, you must use a special brush. It is highly not recommended to apply the foundation by hand, as in this case the distribution will be uneven. It is important to pay due attention to sculpting. To do this, contouring is done, with the help of which you can highlight the cheekbones, visually make the face thinner and correct the shape of the nose or eyebrows. For evening makeup, the so-called full-fledged contouring is quite appropriate, when dark sculptors are used, and the face becomes more expressive. If we are talking about a daytime image, then you should not get too carried away with sculpting, since in daylight it will be too conspicuous for, and the image will be simply vulgar and unnatural.

Concealer & Concealer

If you look at how professionals apply makeup on their faces, you will notice that they always use concealers and correctors. It helps to hide almost any skin imperfections, acne and redness. It is important to remember that no tonal remedy will help solve such problems, but will only aggravate the situation. A well-chosen concealer is a real salvation for those who are constantly faced with the problem of skin imperfections. In the case when a bright evening look is planned, concealer should be applied only after bright shadows and mascara have been applied. Otherwise, crumbling eyeshadow particles can mix with the already applied concealer and spoil the overall picture.


Among the basic rules regarding how to apply makeup on the face, blush occupies an important place. They are of two types: dry and cream. If we are talking about an evening look, it is preferable to use brighter and darker shades. When applying it is important to use a special brush and blend the blush as much as possible to get the desired effect. When it comes to a daytime look, it is preferable to use a cream blush. However, in this case, they must be shaded with a special sponge and carefully watched so that no streaks, bright spots or lines remain on the face. All color transitions in any makeup should be smooth!


It is he who is most often simply neglected by girls. Unfortunately, until now, many do not know what exactly the highlighter is, how it should be used and what effect it gives. It is believed that it is used only for evening make-up, when it is necessary to create the so-called Hollywood look. However, a beautiful and correct highlighter allows you to give your face a fresher and more youthful look. It can be used both in a festive and casual way.

When applying it, it is important to pay attention to the texture and microparticles. If the highlighter is too liquid, then this is rather a plus. A thicker texture will create a shimmery effect too much, and therefore requires more thorough shading. A highlighter already applied and shaded on the skin should create a radiant effect, but not give the skin an oily sheen. It should be applied only to certain points.

Shadows and Arrows

When it comes to how to apply makeup on your face, special attention should be paid to applying the eyeshadow and creating the correct arrows. As for the latter, in this case it is necessary not only to draw them correctly, but also to choose the most suitable shape. Only a professional makeup artist can help with this.

It is best to draw arrows with a pencil or special eyeliner. The latter can be gel or cream. It is recommended to purchase eyeliner in jars, and apply with a special small thin brush. Gel and cream eyeliners provide rich color and long-lasting results. It is more difficult to use than a pencil, but in this case the makeup will last much longer. The arrows are appropriate for both evening and daytime makeup.

As for the shadows, in this case it is important to remember one basic rule: any shadows should be carefully shaded! If two or more colors are used, then the transitions should be smooth. In order to choose the right shade, it is best to consult with a specialist, since in this case it is necessary to take into account not only eye color and skin color, but also hair color, eye shape, and so on.


Makeup must be carefully secured. This is important for it to last throughout the day or evening. For fixing, a special spray is used, which is gently applied to the face. It is important to know that when choosing a fixing spray, it is necessary to give preference only to proven brands, since cheap analogs usually give makeup an unpleasant shine, create a film effect on the face and do not always fulfill their function. Professionals do not recommend using fixing sprays all the time, as it is harmful to the skin. It is better to use pinning only if it is about an important event, when it will not be possible to correct the makeup on time, as well as in cases where professional photography is planned.