5 minutes a day to make your wishes come true

Every person dreams of something. Someone has insignificant desires, but there are those who want to get the most out of life. Desires can be material. I want to live beautifully, fly on trips and not deny myself anything. And someone dreams of health and human happiness. These desires belong to the spiritual realm.

You've probably heard that thoughts are material. And indeed it is! And indeed it is! The main thing is to learn to dream correctly, and then you will get what you want.

Materialization of desires or their absence - you decide

If a person has dreams, then he does not have a set of any qualities, energies, information necessary for the materialization of desires. There are 2 options for the development of events:

1. Give up desire.

2. Change something in yourself so that these qualities and energy are included, work and attract what you want into your life.

Where to start materializing what you want?

Imagine that you already have what you want, enter this image, "get used to" it, imagine in your imagination all the consequences that the possession of what you want will bring to you. Do not hurry. Try to feel the change as fully as possible. Now take away the emotions. Take a “sober” look at yourself who has what you want.

What's next?

Listen to yourself, does this desire remain in you? Perhaps having what you need now will bring some unpleasant moments in the future? Perhaps, taking a sober look at the events, you decide that the desire is not worth the effort?

If the desire remains?

If this desire remains, and the changes that will certainly occur in connection with the possession of what you want are permissible for you, you can proceed to the materialization of desires.

Get into resonance with desire

You need to tune in to the vibration frequency of your desire. To do this, again imagine that you have the necessary and follow your feelings. Feel how your body is responding, feel the emotions. Emotions cause certain vibrations. Then you need to send these vibrations to the outside world as often as possible, tuning in to your desire.

After such work, the Universe forms for a person the event that corresponds to the radiation of his energy field, this event gradually materializes in life.

Why isn't this happening everywhere?

Everyone dreams of something and, it would seem, radiates these vibrations. However, as life shows, often fantasies remain fantasies. What to do?

It is necessary to turn fantasy into the intention to have, and the intention into an internal state of possession.

What mistake should be avoided when materializing desires?

You cannot bring desire to the point of absurdity, you cannot dwell on it, this is the only way it can be realized. And one more thing: every event requires expended energy. The larger your desire, the more energy it will require from you to realize it. Moreover, a person receives such a quality of events that corresponds to his inner state and feeling.

If you are ready to work on materializing your dream, then you can use any technique for fulfilling your wishes.

You will learn about one of them in this article.

What is required of you?

Pay for desire. Materialization of desires involves a certain price. The price can be very different, it depends on what you need. What is important is not what you give, but the very willingness to give.

However, each field requires a different fee - material - material, spiritual - your energy, your emotions.

If your goal is material values

If your goal is to achieve material wealth, then technology will work through the energy field of material values. In this case, you must be willing to pay the price when you actually receive this material benefit. Pay ad hoc. Do not be alarmed, this fee will be devoid of negative, and you will have to pay less than you receive. You may need to help someone who comes to you for help. Follow the signs of fate! You don't have to pay anything in advance.

What does the field of material values ​​need from you?

The material field needs your inner willingness to give (much less) in order to receive more. When the field of the Universe reads this readiness from your field, it begins to form events that will lead you to achieve what you want.

Decide for yourself whether you are ready to give in order to receive?

If yes, then this technique is for you. If “No, ” you better not use it. The field of material values ​​will itself control the process of fulfilling your obligations with all the ensuing consequences. Using this technology, you, thereby, conclude a contract with the field of material values.

If you have a spiritual goal

If your goal is not to obtain material values, but is directed towards personal development, then you don’t owe anything to anyone. The field of spiritual practices, like the field of personal relationships, does not impose claims for material compensation. You will "pay" with your energy, actions, feelings and emotions.

How should a desire be formulated in order for it to come true?

For example, your desire is in the realm of personal relationships. It should be formulated as follows: "I found mutual love and have a common future with this person!" If you are already in a relationship, but want to improve it, make it more harmonious, then formulate something like this: "My relationship with (name) is perfect, we are happy to be together!" Any intention must be formulated in the present tense and without the NOT particle. This should be an entirely positive statement.

This secret can give you whatever you want. Happiness, health, love, power, beauty and money. You can become whatever you want. Miracles happen to people every day if people know how to turn their lives where they want.

What is this secret?

The world is ruled by the law of universal attraction! What a person thinks about is what attracts to himself. From every thought there are waves - vibrations, they are already easily recorded by modern scientific laboratories.

Thinking about something constantly, you send signals to the Universe, it reacts to them and attracts to you what you think about. But! Most people think about what they don't want; if you think so, don't be surprised why negative events are drawn to you.

How to attract what you want into your life?

For the materialization of desires to occur, you need to think about what you want, and not about what you DO NOT want. This law always works with everyone, regardless of whether you want it or not. You always get what you think about.

Each of us contains the infinite power of the subconscious. You can think of anything and the Universe will attract it to you, no matter if it is good or bad.

Like attracts like!

We attract people, events, things, lifestyle, etc. into our life. Quantum physics today confirms this from a scientific point of view. "How to be?" - you ask, because we think about something constantly? First, concentration helps a lot. With a little practice, you can learn to control your thoughts. Secondly, know that any positive thought is many times stronger than a negative one!

Understand that everything that you have now - you have drawn into your life consciously or subconsciously. Even if it is not very pleasant for you. Emotions and thoughts are vibrations that we send into Space!

Everything you feel is a reflection of what is already becoming reality.

So what is the technique we talked about?

5 minute technique

This technique of fulfilling desires is easy to perform, it will take 5 minutes of your time. The only condition is that it must be performed daily.

All you need is 5 minutes a day (preferably at a certain time and it is better to perform the technique before bedtime) to think about your desire as if it has already been fulfilled, to think and send appropriate vibrations to the Universe. Also, before starting classes, determine what you are willing to sacrifice for the sake of fulfilling your plan. Make a list of what you are willing to go for. Remember, after your wish is fulfilled, the Universe will offer you to pay for it.

What mistakes are often made when working with equipment?

For example, a person is fired up by some idea. He waits and nothing happens. The fact that the results come gradually, he does not take into account. When the desire begins to come true, and this necessarily happens, the person says: "This does not work!" Desire is the law. The power of thought is a step towards action. The universe receives the order: "It doesn't work!" And she fulfills it - the wish does not come true.

Remember, the Universe responds to an emotional outburst, so be careful with emotions or learn to use them for your own good.