7 ways to be more attractive if your personality is repulsive

Observing people who are pleasant conversationalists, we can conclude: they are very nice. At the same time, the reason many people struggle to acquire / maintain friendships, a successful career, or a romantic relationship is because their personalities are repulsive. Listed below are seven working ways to make your personality more attractive. Be honest about yourself by reading this article and guessing how close or far you are to the personality traits described below.

Be humble

Admit your mistakes and don't brag. Express your admiration for people (if they deserve it). Also remember that admitting your own shortcomings, on the other hand, is disarming. People will treat you warmer and recognize your personality faster. Don't be an arrogant person. Example: “He is a wonderful artist. And I still can't draw a triangle exactly! "

Be caring and selfless.

Take care of others, listen to what they have to say, notice what they do and feel. Ask them questions about what they have mentioned in the past. Share yours and be attentive to their feelings. Don't be a cold, self-centered conversationalist. Example: "You mentioned last month, what do you think about ___, what did you decide / did in the end?"

Be positive

Few people like the depressive mood of their interlocutors. You increase your attractiveness when you smile and maintain a positive mindset. Look for the good in everything: you can do it if you just try. Don't complain too much. Try not to appear cynical, negative, or embittered. Example: "At least we were able to ____."

Be an enthusiast

Give your words and manners a little more life! You don't have to act like a fan on the football field if someone brings you good news, but show your excitement. No need to try to look cool - more fun won't hurt! But also remember how you can add energy, you can also take it away. Don't be an energy vampire. Example: "I love your kitchen ____, it reminds me of ____."

Show commitment and dedication

Choose a purpose for yourself in life - and you can share it. Working on goals builds self-confidence. People love to feel part of your success and your passion. Pursue your hobbies. Talk about them. Don't be too lazy and boring. Example: "I'm going to ______ this weekend."

Give fun

Don't be afraid to laugh. Humor and the ability to laugh (including at yourself) sometimes play a decisive role in resolving a problem. So don't be too serious all the time. Example: “Even if I miss the game, I will avoid everyone so they don't spoil me the result.

I really know how to avoid everyone. I would say professionally. Oh yes, if there was a profession of avoidance, I would become a very rich man! Such a word is "avoidant", it does exist, right? If not, I will patent. "

Be flexible

Adapt to your environment. Do not be capricious if something or someone does not meet you halfway. Being flexible means being light, walking with the flow, not trying to stop it. Play with silly jokes. Don't try to be defensive and rude.

Example: “Is it closed here? Well, I'm sure we can find something just as cool. " Have you found some traits worth working on? Don't be skeptical, these methods can really help you.

If unsure, ask a friend or someone close to you. They see you from the outside and evaluate you more objectively. Remember, honest judgment is critical. Practice systematically and you will see results soon. Watch yourself, control yourself, be your best!