30 Tips to Make a Girl Smile (Helpful Tips)

30 tips for a girl to smile since they just don't have enough of our affection, so little men spoil the girls at least sometimes with nice ones)

1. Tell her that she is beautiful or stunning. (Not just cute or sexy)

2. Take her hand, even if for a moment. (It doesn't matter where or when)

3. Walk up to her from behind and hug her. Do not let go of the embrace for a long, long time.

4. Kiss her neck / forehead.

5. Put a voice message in the alarm clock instead of the melody.

6. When she is upset, hug her tightly and tell her how much she means to you. (No need to try

solve her problems)

7. Appreciate small moments…. They mean a lot to her.

8. If you have been talking with another girl for a long time, after the end of the conversation, go up to her, hug and kiss: let him know that she is yours, and the others are not.

9. Write her a note or call her to just say hello

10. When meeting friends and family, introduce her as “my girlfriend”.

11. If she's mad at you, kiss her. (Well, or at least try)

12. Play with her hair. (Stroke your hair and put curls between your fingers)

13. Lift her up, even if she shouts “put me down!”. She loves when you carry her in your arms.

14. Play "tickling", "blind man's buff" or "fights" with her.

15. Sit in the park (or wherever) and just talk to her.

16. Tell her a joke: funny or stupid ... Just make her laugh.

17. Let her fall asleep in your arms. (This is the most beautiful thing in the world)

18. Sit her on your shoulders when you're in a crowd.

19. Give her her favorite flowers. (Do not forget to find out in advance which ones)

20. Behave with her in front of friends in the same way as you behave with her alone.

21. Look into her eyes and just smile.

22. Having received her gift for her birthday, new year or other holiday, say that you are delighted, even if it is not so. (She will be pleased)

23. Let her take pictures of you as many times as she wants.

24. Give her 3 things: 1) a soft toy (she will hug her before falling asleep), 2) a ring / chain (she will wear them all the time), 3) your T-shirt, in which she will most likely sleep ...

25. Hang out with her on the weekend.

26. Say that you miss me if you are apart.

27. Listen to her when she talks to you. (Even if she has been chatting incessantly for the second hour.)

28. Give her what she wants. ... As long as she wants it.

29. Kiss her in the rain. (She will remember this kiss for life)

30. If you love her, tell her.