Al Capone - the most famous gangster XX century

Chicago. The second most important city is the city of the United States and one of the largest economic, industrial, transport and cultural centers on the whole contingent. However, this is all said about modern Chicago and it is known not due to the high skyscrapers, clean streets and green squares. The Criminal Capital of America - this is exactly how it was even at the beginning of XX century. Thousands of criminal gangs were wrapped out there, industrial, murders, sanguits, drug trafficking, bootlegism and other types of illegal activities. And the most famous from Chicago Gangsters, no doubt, is the "great al" capone. He managed to organize this raging chaos and create one of the most huge mafia empires in the world, which to this day is a kind of business card of the city.

Alphonse Gabriel Kapone was born on January 17, 1899, in Brooklyn, being the fourth of nine children. His parents were from Naples, where the father worked as a hairdresser, and Mother Sweden. In America, they, like thousands of other immigrants, led hope for a better life, but they could not find wealth. However, the parents of a person who will later become known for the whole world as the "great al", did not lose. They regularly attended the church, which would rule that the gracious Lord would hear their prayers and send happiness if not for them, then at least their children. In various sources, it is often mentioned that to become a "slippery track" then still promising young Alphonse caused the need because the family lived poorly and constantly needed money, but in fact it's not quite true. Indeed, the Family Capone lived is not born, but thanks to the diligence and hardworking of the father, their financial situation has always been stable. So, in contrast to thousands of other emigrant families, they completely reduced their ends meet. But the young alone since childhood decided that it was hard to work in the sweat of his face all my life, to make money on a piece of bread - this is not for him. He must get everything and immediately attach all efforts for this.

Beginning of

Historians have different versions about how the Alphonse has grown "the Great Al" from the young smart boyfriend. Some believe that the "infectious" air of Brooklyn slums, in which the family actually lived. This area was a booming boiler from various ethnic groups, peoples and social mess and was a concentration of all imaginable vices.

Others are confident that the young people pushed to such a life against the hard patriarchal ruins, who reigned in the family, because his father kept his children in rigor, putting them love for work and humility to the elders. Not the best was schooling. According to the memoirs of contemporaries, the capone, the school institutions, in which the young al Al, was located on the basis of the Catholic Church and was distinguished inadequately a rigid program. Here, physical and moral violence over the disciples were very readily used, which caused a stormy protest from an impressionable young man.

Despite the fact that Alphonse was a very clever, capable and promising student, he was excluded at the age of 14 for the fact that he beat a teacher who once again tried to hit him for the audacity. Since then, Capon has no longer made attempts to continue their education and soon left his native house.

After leaving the house, the cappone began to hang out in the docks of Brooklyn and take for any work, if, of course, did not consider it a humiliating or too dirty. To carry dusty bales, as a simple loader or poking in the ground for the sake of a piece of bread - it was not my soul. Therefore, Al quickly joined local youth gangs. Gang of five angles, boys from plantations, young forty robbers - today few people remember these names and very few know that it was here that the cappone received that experience that in the future will allow him to become the master of a huge mafiasis. The real nature of Al Kapone will temper in Brooklyn slums, and his future mentor Johnny Torrio will only fully reveal him and teach him all the wisdom of a subcovery struggle for power in the Criminal world.

Capone and his first criminal "teacher"

Having left the youth hayk, Cappone with the help of his senior friend Johnny Torroy (who was then moved to Chicago) got a job by Bartender and a bouncer in the nightclub to Gangster Franki Yela. Once he spent a client with him who did not favor him, throwing several strong words to her address, and it ended with stabbing, when the brother of ladies she closed the young to the knife to the face, leaving some deep cuts.

After that, the left cheek of Al Capone forever decorated the scar, which he was very shy. Subsequently, because of this, the scar was given to him the nickname "Scarface" - "face with the scar". It disliked Al Capon even in a mature age. Memories of the unfortunate incident were disgusting, and this nickname Capone hated the whole soul. After all, he received the scar in stupidity, and not during the gangster, therefore it was nothing to be proud. And even being a big boss of the criminal world, Kapone tried to hide the scar and always called him a "combat wound", obtained in war, although himself, of course, never served in the army.

However, the best friends great and terrible allowed to make fun on this, and they often called him "snorky", which in the local slang meant "elegant".

At the same time, Cappone meets his love - the Irish girl of May Josephine Colin. Soon she will prenten and he has to demand permission from parents for marriage, because at that time he was fulfilled only 19 (in the United States adulthood comes in 21 years). Shortly before the wedding (the official ceremony took place on December 30, 1918) the pair born the kid, whom Albert Francis was named. And no one else becomes an eye as his old friend Johnny Torroio, who has already achieved considerable heights in Chicago.

After that point, the career of the young gangster will begin rapidly go up. Historians believe that Torroio's highly diffused gangster has already seen a potential mafia boss in it and decided to slowly prepare a decent successor to himself. Torroy began to learn the cappone how to deal with a racket, supporting the respectable image and hiding its "business" for the score of the legality. It is these knowledge in the future will help him turn his whip into a real corporate empire.

Moving to Chicago

In 1920, Johnny Torroio becomes a leader hardly to all the Chicago Mafia and invites a cap to himself, making him in fact with his right hand. It is concerned that he was honored for such honor for the fact that a couple with Frankie Yelem sent to the Boss of Torrio. In the same year, the federal government announces the famous "dry law", involuntarily pounding the alcoholic market in the shadow. And the patron of Capone immediately generously bestows his young companion, giving this part of the general "business" in his full order. And it should be noted that it was on bootleg and the illegal sale of alcohol), he acquired most of his state.

The final formation of a capoon as the main boss of the Chicago Mafia happened in 1925. At this time, due to the permanent fierce clashes between Chicago's gangs, he began to resemble a powder barrel and even such important figures like Johnny Torroio could not feel safe. Despite all the precautions, he still falls into a serious ambush and he hardly removes alive. The tax is so shocked by the old mafia boss that he came out of the case, passing the brazda of the Board of Capon. So in his 26 years, Al became the main gangster in the city.

Golden It's

The science of Johnny Torroi did not pass in vain. If at first the cappone had the fame of the fool of drinking and fighting and often got it because of this in trouble, then after several years, under the start of Torrio, he drastically changed his image. He is not alien to publicity, as many of his "colleagues" of gangsters, regularly goes to church, visits sports events and openly sponsors of mercy, distributing the needy food and clothing (at this time in America, the financial crisis is already honored in America). In addition, Capone actually holds some local media and public figures in his pocket, who create the image of the real Robin Hood of the 20th century.

But the reverse side of the Al Capone medal just terrifies. It can be considered one of the first who applied such tactics, which today is called aggressive marketing. And in the most disgusting form. As before, Gangster's main income received from bootlegracy. He sold his goods through local bars and restaurants, and the owners of the latter did not have a choice, because in case of refusal to cooperate, the institution simply took off to the air, and often with its owner.

The merciless was the fight against competitors. His girlfriend ruthlessly tortured and killed the gangsters from hostile gangs, and Kapone took themselves their business, driving a gambling business, public houses, drug drifs, hotels and many other criminal industries. And during the largest andous noisy disassembly, Gangster preferred to be in sight, for example, visiting the opera or the theater so that he could not connect it with what was happening. People's Witnesses did not leave the Witnesses, but it was impossible to talk to the members of the gang - everyone knew that they could only dream about ease of death.

Sunset Al Capone

And although over the years of their activities, Al Capone was repeatedly on the verge of collapse, he always managed to twist successfully. Even after the bloody slaughter in The Adonis Club Massacre, when some influential inhabitants of the city were killed during the disassembly, and even those who had sincerely adored him turned away from Capon, he managed not only to avoid the trial, but also to return the former reputation and strengthened The power of his gangsters over Chicago. However, as it turned out, for a short time. In 1929, an event occurred, which later got the name "Massacre for St. Valentine's Day", which is now considered to be the beginning of the Golden Pore Al Capone.

For a long time, the main competitor of Italian mafiosi was the Irish gang of Baghs Moran, which often delivered major troubles, and even attempted some of his friends and family members. And on Thursday, on February 14, 1929, it was planned to fully end. Friend and associate Capone Jack McHorne with his guys lured the Irish in a secluded place under the pretext of the conclusion of a profitable deal, and then changed in the form of police officers (to confuse other gangs and possible witnesses) committed a violence. The Irish under the pretext of the inspection was built to the wall and shot, but only Baghs Moran among them did not turn out. He saw a police car around the corner and worried something wrong, and when he witnessed the murder, I immediately understood that I actually happened.

And although Al Capon himself at that time he rested at the hotel at the other end of the city and officially tie him to what had happened and did not succeed, his reputation was seriously injured. Former faithful partners began to be afraid of his cruelty and unbridled, and every new murder only contributed to the growth of opposition among the allies. Empire Capone collapsed in his eyes.

Conclusion and last days

But the last and decisive blow caused competitors and not traitors, but the federal authorities, which by that time they had enough strengthened and declared a criminal war. At that time, Al Kapone was already so "famous", that she was injured against him personally, the newly elected President Gouver. Starting from 1929, accusations fell on Gangster. And the prosecutors knew perfectly well that to attract a capoon for murders and smuggling alcohol would not work - he was too careful. Therefore, there was still a search for any hooks, judicial claims were initiated for illegal weapons, disrespect for the court, vagrancy and other trifling cases, which, although they did not threaten a long sentence, but pretty undermined the authority of the "important and respected person."

The junction came in 1931. Then Al Capone finally stubcounted for the grille by changing him evasion from paying taxes. He was sentenced to eleven years in prison and colossal at that time a fine of 215 thousand dollars, not counting percentage. To serve the term, he should have been in prison in Atlanta. At the same time it turned out that Gangster was sick of gonorads and chronic syphilis. Historians believe that Kapone picked up this disease (which he infected and his son) still working a bouncer in a public house in the club-brothel Frankie Yiel.

The former mafia boss was in the wrong position and was subjected to constant attacks from other prisoners. Soon the authorities took advantage of this in order to translate it to the newly open alcatras prison, which was already considered the most impregnable and well protected. There he was serving his time until he was released in 1939. At that time, the cap was already turned into real ruins. Syphilis struck the brain, causing a dementary (according to the evaluation of doctors, his intellect was like a teenage child). The last days of Al Kapone lived in a family in his mansion in Florida. He died on January 25, 1947 and was buried at the Mount Carmel cemetery in Illinois.