Pig Beach - Pigs Island in the Caribbean Sea

If, being on one of the Bahamas, you will see wild pigs, lazily lying on the snow-white sand or swimming in warm water, know - you did not go crazy and did not overheat in the sun. Just you got to Pih Beach - the island of pigs in the Caribbean.

The animal world of the Bahamas is very poor and is represented mainly by birds and several types of lizards. Theer is that at one of the islands were able to settle and consolidate several dozen pigs.

How exactly the animals fell on the island - unknown. There is a suggestion that the team of a ship sailing nearby for a long time ago, to pick them up and eat them on the way back and eat, but for some reason it was not possible to do this. Or the pigs simply escaped during the shipwreck of the vessel transporting animals. In favor of the second option, it says that there are several goats and cats on the island in addition to pigs.

The island quickly became a tourist attraction, so you can not worry about the fate of animals: because of the visitors they are always in excess and water and food.