Roy Sullivan is a man who has hit Zipper 7 times

The chance that in the same person during the lifetime, zipper will hit 1 to 10, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000. It is difficult to even submit this. But with ROOM Sullivan, it happened.

It is said that 7 is a happy number, but Roy Sullivan on the nicknamed "Sparkling Ranger" most likely would not agree with this. The Ranger of the Shenado National Park was probably a natural conductor of electricity - zipper in it got an incomprehensible mind number of times. Despite the fact that there is not a single witness who seen the strikes themselves (however, their consequences were recorded), the Guinness Book launched Ranger as a man who survived the largest number of lightning strikes. Here is his story.

1. In the courtyard stood April 1942, and by this moment Sullivan worked in the park about six years. He was in one of the new fire tower when the park suddenly collapsed the storm. The tower was so new that they did not even have time to install thunderns. And zipper got into it about 7-8 times. Sullivan decided that he needed to get out, but he managed to move away from the tower just a couple of meters, when the lightning still was overtook. "Lightning left a burn with a width of about 1 cm along the whole of my right leg and deprived me of the thumb, " he told. "My shoe was all in the blood, and she flowed across the hole in the sole."

2. Almost 30 years old, in 1969, when Sullivan drove behind the wheel of a park truck, in two ways standing on one side of the tree struck lightning, then she jumped into another tree on the other side of the road. The Sullivan truck was in the middle and both of his windows were open. Ranger lost consciousness and almost fell along with a truck with a cliff. When Sullivan woke up, he discovered that his eyebrows and eyelashes were burned.

3. For the third time it happened in a year, when Sullivan had a day off. He suggested in his home garden when the lightning hit the transformer standing nearby and bounced him into his shoulder. As a result, he lost consciousness and got a light burn.

4. When lightning hit in the fourth time, the poor Sellyan caught fire. "Morked fine rain, but there was no thunder. And here cotton. In life I did not hear anything louder, "he recalled. "When in the ears ceased to ring, I heard something shattered. It was my hair burned. Flame languages ​​rose almost 15 centimeters. " Fortunately, at that time he was in one of the park campgrounds and was able using wet napkins from the nearest restroom to put fire on it.

5. Fifth Punch occurred on August 7, 1973. Sullivan rode again on the park truck and saw the arrogant clouds. Knowing his "luck", Ranger tried to avoid lightning. As soon as Sullivan thought, he was out of danger, he stopped the truck to look around. And this was a big mistake. "This time I saw with my own eyes how zipper shot out of clouds and flew right in my direction, " he told. This time Zipper even sang one of his boots, leaving the laces tied.

6. Sullivan walked along the road in the park in 1976, when he was hit by a zipper for the sixth time. It was the last straw for the "sparkling Ranger" - he quit five months later.

7. Unfortunately, Lightning still found it. On June 25, 1977, Sullivan was fishing, when suddenly the hair on his hands stood on end. This blow came right in the head, lodge the chest and stomach, and left him deaf on one ear. Moreover, Sullivan on the way back to his car ran into a bear.

When Sullivan still left our world, the reason for this was not zipper, but a bullet. In 1983, at the age of 71, he shot himself. It is said that the "sparkling Ranger" could not live on due to unrequited love.