How the American president congratulated a child on his 101st birthday

Do you know that every American has the opportunity to receive a greeting card personally signed by the President of the country. But the reason for this case must be very important. Congratulations to Americans, in particular, with the addition to the family, birthday, marriage or 50th wedding anniversary, as well as with retirement, is handled by a special department of the White House apparatus - the White House Greetings Office. In order to receive such a congratulation, you just need to fill out a form on the website of the US administration.

The White House recently sent a happy birthday to a child from a family in Utah. The letter on the official letterhead of the US administration says: "Dear Benjamin: Happy 101st birthday to you."

The text of the message also notes that Benjamin is "an integral part of American history" and a witness to the best achievements that "our country can achieve through collective efforts."

At the bottom of the document are the signatures of the President of the United States Barack Obama and his wife Michelle.

Benjamin is the fourth and youngest child in the Shosted family, turning one year old next week. The spouses regularly send requests to the White House for their children to be congratulated on their birthdays. However, they have not received such a message yet.

Benjamin's parents reacted to this event with humor, expressing the hope that this congratulation from the president will become a prediction of a long life from a child.