Death by microwaves

Few people know that the principle of operation of the radar is based on the same microwaves that heat food in our microwave ovens. The most powerful microwave (ultra high frequency) field is provided by missile defense radars. Their emitting antenna is designed in such a way that it generates radiation similar to the invisible beam of a giant searchlight.

In the mid-90s, when discord began in the Russian army, an order was passed prohibiting turning off the radars during maintenance. In normal operation of the radar, it is relatively safe to be near it, but as soon as the radar locks on the target, being in its range is comparable to being in a microwave.

As you would expect, during the next maintenance the radar caught the target, at the same time a repair group, consisting of a captain, a warrant officer, two privates and a driver, was in the zone of its action. The captain died on the spot from an electric shock, the ensign and privates received burns to all internal organs, organs with the highest fluid content were especially affected: the brain, bladder, eyes, liver. The ensign died from the resulting burns, but his death made it possible to determine the method of treating the rest, since the nature of the injuries received was not known before his autopsy. The driver of the group, who got out of the car, protected by a metal mesh, only to help the victims get into the car, received minor reversible changes in the cerebral cortex, manifested as a mixture of symptoms of schizophrenia and alcohol intoxication.