Five questions for a blonde

One blonde decided to take part in the competition of intellectuals. She reaches the final and asks her the following questions:

1) How long did the Hundred Years War last?

a) 116

b) 99

c) 100

d) 150

Blonde calls her friend

2) In which country was the Panama invented?

a) Brazil

b) Chile

c) Panama

d) Ecuador

Blonde asks for help from University students

3) In what month is the October Revolution celebrated?

a) January

b) September

c) October

e) November

The blonde asks the audience for help.

4) What is the name of King George the 6th?

a) Albert

b) Georg

c) Manuel

A blonde tosses a coin

5) From what animal does the name of the Canary Islands come from?

a) Canary

b) Kangaroo

c) Seal

d) Rat

The blonde is out of the game.

Do you consider yourself smarter than a blonde? Then try to answer these questions yourself correctly.

Don't peep at the correct answers: [spoiler] 1) The Hundred Years War lasted 116 years from 1337 to 1453

2) Panamas were invented in Ecuador

3) The October Revolution is celebrated in November.

4) The name of King George is Albert. He changed it in 1936.

5) The name of the Canary Islands comes from seal. The Latin name of the islands InsukariaCanaria means the island of seals. [/ Spoiler]

Now check yourself and tell me who is dumber: you or the blonde? "