I changed my kidney to a sword-kladenets

The craze for computer games sometimes develops into a mania that goes beyond all reasonable limits. Recently, 27-year-old Simon Darnis (Simon Darnis) from the United States lost a kidney in order to "pump his character" in the popular online computer game World of Warcraft.

The gamer took this step out of a manic desire to make his character the best of the best. Over the course of several months, Simon bought various in-game items, spending almost all of his salary, but the gameplay dragged him in so much that he lost his job and was left without money, while spending day and night in the world of WoW. During this time, he made many friends in the game, some of whom, jokingly, offered to sell him some organ, not assuming that he would take it seriously.

In the end, Simon Darnis decided to sell his kidney. He again spent most of the money he received on various in-game values.

“I'm not going to give up my pastime, which I like. I love World of Warcraft and I won't leave no matter what, ”said Simon.

It is worth noting that the gamer does not regret his decision, feels good and continues to conquer the gaming peaks. "