Birthday Present - City Gate Jump

Arch of the City Gate (St. Louis).

(November 22, 1980, Missouri), The City Gate Arch rises 200 meters above St. Louis. Young man Kenneth, 33 years old, wanted to impress his wife on her birthday.

His plan was to parachute down to the top of the arch. Kent was not worried that the city authorities had turned down his request for this scam. Kenneth already had 1, 600 jumps and was a professional skydiver. He asked his wife to come and photograph his triumph. At 8:55 am, he jumped from a light plane and landed safely at the top of the monument. The first part of the crazy plan went well. However, the guy clearly did not think how to descend from a height of 200 meters. He began to slide off the northern support of the arch, trying to knock down speed with a reserve parachute. But a gust of wind caught his parachute and carried him away from the arch along with his master. Kenneth died in a local hospital about one hour after completing his jump.